Satechi 10000 mAh Premium Aluminum Energy Station Extended Battery Charger Pack for iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 & 3GS, iPad Air, 1, 2, 3, Mini, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, Sprint Epic 4G Touch, Blackberry Playbook, (silver)

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Satechi 10000 mAh Premium Aluminum Energy Station Extended Battery Charger Pack

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When you want power, the Satechi 10000 mAh Portable Energy Station is exactly what you need. This battery charger is mobile, compact and simple to use for all your power-hungry USB devices.

When you want power, the Satechi 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station is exactly what you need. This battery charger is mobile, compact and simple to use for all your power-hungry USB devices.


Great for travel

The compact, lightweight, and portable design of the Premium Energy Station allows you to charge your devices from anywhere. Whether you're in the airport, in your car, or in a more remote location, you no longer have to worry about finding an outlet to power your devices. At 7.4oz, it's lightweight and compact; easy to carry on long flights in your laptop bag, pocket, or purse.

Charge 2 devices simultaneously

2 USB outputs allow you to charge two devices at the same time. LED charge status lights show remaining battery power.

Simple to use

Attach the device/s to be charged using its USB cable, then press the On button to begin charging. Recharge the 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station with the supplied USB adapter or iPad USB adapter.


High capacity 10000 mAH

2 x USB outputs, 5V, 1A & 2A - Charge 2 devices simultaneously

Recharge via AC adapter or USB

Technical Specs

Lithium polymer 10000mAh battery

Input Voltage: DC5.0V

Input Current: 2000mA

Output 1: DC5.0V/2A

Output 2: DC5.0V/1A

Charging Duration: ~ 7-9 hours

Dimensions: 5.5"x2"x0.75"

Weight: 7.4oz


Portable Energy Station unit

USB extension cable

2-in-1 USB cable

Lightning adapter not included

Compatible w/

Apple: iPad / iPad Mini / iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4s/4/3Gs/ iPod Touch/Classic/Nano

Samsung: Galaxy Note 5/4/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge/S5/S4/S3/S2

Nexus: 5X/6P

HTC: HTC M9/M8 Evo Shift 4G/3D/ Incredible S/Sensation XL /Thunderbolt

Motorola: Razr/Atrix / Bionic

and more

Short Name:
Satechi 10000 mAh Premium Aluminum Energy Station Extended Battery Charger Pack
1 Year
Power on via micro-USB
Apple: iPad/iPad Air/Mini/iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4s/4/3Gs/ iPod Touch/Classic/Nano Samsung: Galaxy Note/Galaxy S5/S4/S3/S2/ Galaxy Nexus/ HTC: Evo Shift 4G/Incredible S/Sensation XL /Thunderbolt / EVO 3D / EVO 4G / Motorola: Razr/Atrix / Bionic
Product Dimensions:
5.4" x 2.5" x 0.59"
Product Weight:
1 lb 3 oz


4 Review(s)
January 10, 2015
Highly recommended
After using this battery for over a bit longer than half of a year, I can say this is the thing I always make sure to have in my bag with me. I used to be a sales rep, always depending on my phone to check my messages, use the navigation apps to drive to customers, or talk to them, and this battery made it possible for me to work all day long without ever needing a plug. Even though I no longer work in a sales team, I apreciate it very much to keep it with me at all times, specially when I travel abroad for all of those long waits at the airport. I am going to buy this to my brother as a present.
May 5, 2014
Good product, but Different from original
This is my first Aluminium battery pack, but I've used 1 normal and bought 3 others - Great products. This one looks i'm sure works just as well as the originals. To note though, mainly due to Satechi lack of accurate specs. The differences compared to the original (black) version. Dimension - NOT - 5.5" x 2" x 0.75" Actual - 5.5" x 2.5" x 0.6" Charging port NOT - same as original, Charging port (USB mini) & Power button on same side Actual - Port on opposite side as power button. Input/Charging port is USB Micro (not mini) Also note, no travelling pouch, no USB wall wart. This is a great product, and i'm going to love using this. But just make sure you know what you're getting - there are differences between the two. Which is better will be up to you.
February 26, 2014
2/26/14 Glad I ordered it - happy customer
I recently ordered the power station and so far I am very happy. I am currently testing out my Iphone 4s with it, I want to see how many times I can charge my phone with the powerstation. So far I have been able to charge my phone 3 times and I have 2 bars out of 4 left on my powerstation. I'm pretty confident that it can charge it 4x but I'm hoping it can do 5 full charges. It takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes to fully charge my Iphone 4s. The only issues I found is with the cable included, the cable comes with an adapter that will allow you to charge your iphone. Like all adapters, they easily move and can stop charging the phone if not in the right position. I only use the cable to charge the powerstation and I use my own Iphone cable to charge my phone and it works flawlessly. Other than that, the finish on the powerstation is super nice and super slick. So slick that it should actually have have some areas for gripping. I can easily see someone pulling it out of their pocket and it comes flying out, if you don't grab it correctly it might fall out. Other than these small details, I love the unit. Hopefully I can get 5 charges out of it. Next test will be charging two phones at the same time.
December 26, 2013
Great Gift for Teenagers
I bought the Premium Aluminum Energy Station Charger Pack for my teenage nephew thinking it was identical to the Portable Energy Station and was a little disappointed it wasn't since it did not include all the attachment the Portable station had. However, the aluminum charger is more sleek and attractive than the black portable charger. Both chargers were a hit with my two nephews. They immediately set them up to charge. I highly recommend them. Thank you!

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