Soundfly SD WMA/MP3 Player Car Fm Transmitter for SD Card, USB Stick, Mp3 Players (iPod, Zune)

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Soundfly SD FM Transmitter

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The Soundfly SD lets you listen to sound files such as MP3 & WMA file stored in portable memory devices like USB flash memory & SD card, etc through your car radio speakers.
Soundfly SD lets you listen to sound files such as MP3 & WMA file stored in portable memory devices like USB flash memory & SD card, etc through your car radio speakers. It supports RDS (Radio Data System), so while listening to music, you can see the song and artist's name displayed on your car stereo. Soundfly SD transmits to all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) and memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies. It comes with fully functional remote control. You can also transmit music from other Mp3 players such as iPod, Zune etc. Just plug USB or SD card in Sound-Fly & Enjoy music!


-Transmits on all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) - Memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies

-Simple plug & play - Powers on & off automatically or with button - Reads MP3 & WMA files

-USB port (reading data, not charging) & SD slot & 3.5mm stereo input - 3.5mm cable included for use with iPod, Zune, mp3 players

-Remote features: Folder shift - Fast Forward & Rewind - Repetition of defined Section- Shuffle - Bookmarking

-ID3-tag information via RDS: View song information on your compatible radio display.

Short Name:
Soundfly SD FM Transmitter
1 Year
USB/SD Reader / 2.5 mm Auxiliary Input (comes with 2.5 to 3.5 mm Auxiliary cable)
USB and SD Card (Up to 32 GB size) / All music players that have a 3.5 auxiliary output
Product Dimensions:
1.8" x 2.1" x 2.7"; 2.5 to 3.5 mm Cable Length: 40.5"
Product Weight:
9 oz


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14 Review(s)
February 28, 2017
Very Good Product
I have been using this FM transmitter for more than 1 and 1/2 years. Sound good through the FM radio, Somehow when playing music using the 3.5mm cable from my phone to the transmitter, the volume needs to be cranked up. Not sure if it's my phone output or because of the transmitter. Overall, very pleased with the product. May consider buying another one with bluetooth feature from this brand.
July 2, 2016
Very Good
This unit works very well in my Mercedes. It is convenient and unobtrusive fitting in my ashtray where the cigarette lighter is located. The remote control is fun to show off with!
August 21, 2015
Soundfly SD FM
I have tried a lot of FM transmitters, but yours is by far the best one. Congratulations for your great product. I strongly reccomend it.
September 30, 2013
It's great but it could be better
I bought one of these and I have to admit that I really love it. It gives me the ability to have large portions of my music collection with me whenever I travel in my car. I did have an initial problem with the device not working with the Super Talent 32GB SDHC car, so don't use that particular card. It can still be greatly improved int the following areas 1. After a power off it resumes play at the beginning of the song, unless you bookmark the location, An automatic bookmark would be better. If it did this automatically you could get around the 1,000 file or song limit, by wrapping albums into a single file. 2. The play sequence seems to be completely based on folder creation date. It would be better if it allowed you to sequence folders using numbers to get the desired play order. 3. It never shows the folder name when playing, If you want to skip a folder or skip to a folder it can be confusing. But overall this thing is great and I highly recommend it.
June 20, 2013
Great product for the money.
Older units would randomly skip tracks, however this new unit sounds like it was re-designed; I have not had a track skip yet, and have been playing it daily for a few weeks. Older units in shuffle mode used to play random songs but then repeat a lot of them. This new unit can repeat a few in random mode, but that is the definition of random; this mode sounds like it was also re-designed. This product has a large coverage area. I use one with a power supply to transmit audio information throughout my whole house, and probably a few of the neighbor's houses.
May 4, 2013
Very pleased
You can't go wrong with this little device. It has great sound, bilt well, with ease to use. I had my music on my computer already, put it on a 8GB USB card, plug in and start listening. I also like the folder options. I purchesed 2 of these Suondfly's
February 4, 2013
Great sound quality even on 'busy' frequencies.
Quality of sound is worth the price alone. Far better than any other FM Transmitter that I have tried. The remote unit makes operating the Soundfly on the move much easier. Would be a 5-Star product if it had a better Owner Manual that fully explained each function step by step.
January 25, 2013
One limitation
It can't play m4a files from an SD card nor from a USB stick. All my files in iTunes are m4a. After putting 500 songs on an SD card Soundfly could not play them. I can connect my ipod or iPhone with a cable to the Soundfly unit and then the files will play. But I was hoping for the cleaner option of an SD card and no wires. The FM transmission is pretty quiet. Overall I like it despite the fact that it can only read mp3 files from the USB and SD card inputs.
December 12, 2012
the device is excellent for what I purchased for: Audio Books, and music too. Having FF-Rewind gives it a big advantage to other low cost mp3 players. I definitely recommend the product.
August 28, 2012
Great product
Was worried to try FM transmitter. All my previous ones were bad. This was awesome. sound was good and after sometime i forgot that i was listening to FM transmitter. Few cons on track selection and playing random tracks are there but i don't mind it given the sound. I havent tried it on long trips though but overall its really good.

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