Satechi Premium 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub (9.5" cable) for iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac Mini (Silver)


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    Satechi Premium 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub (9.5" cable) for iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac Mini (Silver)


    Satechi ST-UHA USB 2.0 Hub adds four additional USB ports to your Mac (or PC), allowing you to connect USB devices such as digital cameras, phones, external hard drives, flash drives, and printers. Its sleek aluminum design with shielded white cable is the perfect complement to your Apple computer and products. It does not require any software or complicated installation process. With a slim, strip-shape design, it saves you precious desktop space. It's extremely portable and easy to move between systems or take on the road.

    Please note: This hub functions as a USB hub only, to connect USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices to your computer, and is not a standalone device charger.

    Sleek Apple-style design ideal For Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac mini

    Adds 4 USB 2.0 ports to your computer

    Easy to set up, Plug-n-Play, Hot swappable, Hot pluggable

    Shielded Cable makes a safe and efficient data transfer for maximum performance and longtime usage

    Compatible with Mac OS 9.1 & higher, Windows 98SE /ME /2000 /XP /Vista /7, Linux 2.4 or above

    Additional Information

    Short Name Satechi Premium 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub
    SKU B007X6XJ98
    UPC 879961002633
    Warranty 1 Year
    Connectivity requires connection to a Mac or PC USB port
    Compatibility Mac OS 9.1 & higher, Windows 98SE /ME /2000 /XP /Vista /7, Linux 2.4 or above
    Product Dimensions 1.5 x 0.9 x 3.5 inches
    Product Weight 4 oz

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    it's possible to have a longer cable ?

    it's possible to have a longer cable ?

    • A.

      The 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub has an attached USB cable 9.5” in length. You may use a USB extension cable to add additional length. 

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      yes |
    How long is the cord?

    How long is the cord?

    • A.

      The cable is 9.5 inches.

      Was this Answer Helpful?

      yes |
    This looks awesome! Is it powerful enough to power an iPad2, an iPhone 4s and a few...

    This looks awesome! Is it powerful enough to power an iPad2, an iPhone 4s and a few other devices simultaneously?

    • A.

      This can charge an iPhone, but not an iPad. To charge an iPad, you'll want to look at our 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub.

      Was this Answer Helpful?

      yes |

    Customer Reviews

    • Alwin
    • posted by: Alwin
    • posted on: 9/29/2014
    Superior Quality Amazing!
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    • the R
    • posted by: the R
    • posted on: 9/2/2014
    love the fact that it is aluminum Apple should have included this with my Mac.
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    • Ykä
    • posted by: Ykä
    • posted on: 5/30/2014
    Summary below Hi there !

    Product was exactly as I expected. Delivery organized fine and works as perfect and also fast. if I ever need something to order, you´ll be the first on my list !!

    Thank you !
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    • Jamie
    • posted by: Jamie
    • posted on: 3/28/2014
    Good quality for a decent price Nice piece that looks like it was made by Apple
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    • N/A
    • posted by: N/A
    • posted on: 3/28/2014
    N/A Great Hub
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    • lloo
    • posted by: lloo
    • posted on: 2/21/2014
    Yes!! Who doesn't need more USB ports? I do!
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    • Edward
    • posted by: Edward
    • posted on: 2/10/2014
    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! THIS IS A MUST BUY! everything about it is great! exactly as described, works perfectly, fast shipping! very affordable also! highly recommend for anyone who needs a more accessible USB situation. This is a must buy!!!
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    • Hagen von Tronje
    • posted by: Hagen von Tronje
    • posted on: 1/30/2014
    Cooles Teil Sieht gut aus, funktioniert einwandfrei. Laedt und synct mein iPhone mit dem iMac ohne zusätzlichen Energiebedarf. Leider etwas teuer und der Versand hat einen Tick länger gedauert (USA-Germany).
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    • Frankie D.
    • posted by: Frankie D.
    • posted on: 1/22/2014
    Great product. Definitely a plus to my ne iMac. I would have rated it 5 stars if it had a longer cord. If they were to make it 12" instead of 9.5" long.
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    • Jhoie
    • posted by: Jhoie
    • posted on: 11/12/2013
    Perfect size and color! I've never ordered from this company before so I didn't know how their products are in terms of quality. My package arrived within 2 days and the USB Hub matched everything with my Mac accessories. The quality is great. Definitely would do business again. Thank you!
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    • Silverado
    • posted by: Silverado
    • posted on: 11/8/2013
    Fast shipping to Sweden! Fast shipping to Sweden!
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    • bob
    • posted by: bob
    • posted on: 10/7/2013
    as i expected What can i say looks good, works and they shipped fast.
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    • IanT
    • posted by: IanT
    • posted on: 10/2/2013
    Stylish design very nice product, Compliments my iMac, I can at last plug in my USB devices with ease
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    • therepguy
    • posted by: therepguy
    • posted on: 8/18/2013
    Must have item This is a real got to have item! It currently is positioned atop my mac mini front and center and just above the apple logo. Ny current issue is where to byt a second one or upgrade to the new 7 port model with the same look - nice issue to have!
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    • Daffi
    • posted by: Daffi
    • posted on: 8/8/2013
    pretty good Exactly the right HUB for the iMac
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    • Chiller84
    • posted by: Chiller84
    • posted on: 7/23/2013
    I wish all Mac accessories were this nice Matches my iMac perfectly. The design prevents it from slipping on the desk. I don't need to reach in back of my iMac now to connect the odd USB plug.
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    • hubje
    • posted by: hubje
    • posted on: 6/11/2013
    extra order Is is very easy and simply to have witht his company great quality products like this, when I need something and I'll find it here , I will first look on this site off SATECHI
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    • cvele2
    • posted by: cvele2
    • posted on: 5/27/2013
    Good and well designed product This hub is really a great product - from the design point of veiw, but equally from the performace side.
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    • Freddo
    • posted by: Freddo
    • posted on: 5/16/2013
    Top Perfect product that fits with my Mac
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    • Bjorn
    • posted by: Bjorn
    • posted on: 5/15/2013
    Simply great Fits perfect with every Mac-computer thanks to the design. It's a USB-hub you really don't want to hide with all the other cables.
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    • trev
    • posted by: trev
    • posted on: 5/14/2013
    Great product The USB hub differentiates itself from other mini USB hubs in quality, absence of a 'cheap feeling' and is extremely stylish, perfect for Mac computers.
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    • alvrad127
    • posted by: alvrad127
    • posted on: 5/3/2013
    Just what I was looking for I was looking for something to overcome one of the new iMac's only flaws - having to get up and reach around to the back of the unit simply to plug in a USB stick.

    Not only does this device solve that, it does it in style,matching the iMac's wireless keyboard to perfection. Nicely done and at a reasonable price.
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    • sgeprods
    • posted by: sgeprods
    • posted on: 4/25/2013
    look great works well Matched the imac perfectly. The cord is a good length & makes it east to plug in USB devices.
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    • Billabong64
    • posted by: Billabong64
    • posted on: 4/9/2013
    Nice, great looking Product This USB Hub port is a good looking thing which looks good next to your iMac or MacBook. However, the USB cable is a little bit too short. When it was a few cm. / inches longer the result was even better !
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    • Navyboy77
    • posted by: Navyboy77
    • posted on: 4/5/2013
    Designful... Nice to view, design to fit with imac...
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    • cbunix
    • posted by: cbunix
    • posted on: 3/8/2013
    Great product The Satechi Premium 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub fits perfect on the desk and also to a non Apple product.

    I really like it and it's good working.

    Great product !!!
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    • Richy
    • posted by: Richy
    • posted on: 3/4/2013
    Great Product Great item thats looks great with iMac!
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    • syates13
    • posted by: syates13
    • posted on: 2/22/2013
    essential extension of technology The Satechi Premium 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub is essential for Mac solid state computers with reduced USB port access. Priced well it expands the use of multiple technologies, essential external hard drives to back up work, and especially with the professional photographic arts as well as scholarly and historical work.
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    • MacD
    • posted by: MacD
    • posted on: 2/13/2013
    Unique Product, Quality Built I just received my Satechi 4 Port USB Hub the other day, and find that this is a great little product to use along with my new iMac.

    The USB hub displays all flash drives that are USB connected to it, and connects my camera while launching Apple's iPhoto. I initially had, what I thought was a problem, charging my Apple iPod Touch .... but after a little playing around with the wiring, found out the issue was a third party iPod connector cable (when I switched to an original Apple 30 pin iPod cable, the iPod Touch was able to display the "green battery" icon, and it was charging my iPod Touch just fine.

    Overall, I like the "aluminum look" of the Satechi 4 Port USB Hub, because it matches the aluminum iMac "look". It is a quality built product, I only wish the connector cord was a little longer, however, you can also use a USB extension cable (I use a 10' C2G "male to female" cable .... and the Satechi hub works great with the extension attached.

    I even attached (taped) a small thin black plastic sheet to the bottom and have it slid on one side, under my Canon printer. This allows me to have the Satechi Hub more secure when pulling out connected USB devices (due to the weight of the printer to hold the hub in place),

    I would highly recommend the Satechi 4 Port Hub to anyone ..... I may even be buying a second one, just to keep on hand.
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    • RogerD
    • posted by: RogerD
    • posted on: 2/12/2013
    Great Product Great product
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    • johnny
    • posted by: johnny
    • posted on: 2/4/2013
    already sent pictures to my mates, sure they will want one just bought the new imac and what lets it down is the usb ports on the rear so i scoured the internet looking for a usb hub that looked apple mac and here we are.
    many thanks

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    • js
    • posted by: js
    • posted on: 2/2/2013
    Good Product Looks nice, matches my Apple computer. Small, stays nicely on my desk, easy to use works fine, no problems. Does what it is supposed to do.
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    • Johannes
    • posted by: Johannes
    • posted on: 1/16/2013
    Love it. Looks great on my desk next to my iMac.
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    • smargi
    • posted by: smargi
    • posted on: 1/12/2013
    Great... love it great product fits perfect with my mac... highly recommend
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    • syb
    • posted by: syb
    • posted on: 1/10/2013
    USB Hub I was looking for a USB Hub, but what you find in general are ugly hubs. I am happy that I've found this product. A little bit more expensive, but the quality looks and feels are a lot better.
    So I am happy with it. If you have an iMac, you should have this also on your desk.
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    • Neil
    • posted by: Neil
    • posted on: 1/9/2013
    Superior design for iMac Found this device in a magazine and looked into acquiring one. It fits so perfectly with the iMac keyboard and trackpad design to the point of looking like it was included in the package. I ordered it directly from Satechi in San Diego, it was an International order which arrived in 6 days from the order date. Well done gang!
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    • Neil
    • posted by: Neil
    • posted on: 1/2/2013
    Great Product Great looking, high quality works well
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    • Halo9x
    • posted by: Halo9x
    • posted on: 12/31/2012
    Great addition to my desk The Satechi 4 port hub is a great product that attempts to match the look of Apple's computers. Mission accomplished! The aluminum is a bit brighter than Apple's aluminum but it still looks as though Apple designed the hub. It is easily the best looking USB hub on the market. 3.0 would be nice but my iMac uses 2.0 and I don't have anything that uses 3.0 so that is not a real concern for now. Definitely worth buying.
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    • maexchen11
    • posted by: maexchen11
    • posted on: 12/21/2012
    perfect product high quality, nice design, good haptic. I like it
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    • Honey
    • posted by: Honey
    • posted on: 12/19/2012
    Practical and unobtrusive Love it. Complements my iMac very well.
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    • rg144
    • posted by: rg144
    • posted on: 12/15/2012
    FANTASTIC PRODUCT, Highly recommended. Amazing product guys, really well done. All ports perform exceptionally well, perfect spacing between the ports, perfect length cable, colour and design both match the macbook, and its very light.

    The only negatives are:
    * USB 2.0 only. REALLY need a USB 3.0 version before someone else does it.
    * The unit slides around a little bit (on MDF wood). Some higher quality non-slip rubber underneath the surface would be appreciated!

    Thanks again.
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    • rafavillena
    • posted by: rafavillena
    • posted on: 11/28/2012
    Simply perfect. Great seller, great product...
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    • Cozybear
    • posted by: Cozybear
    • posted on: 11/23/2012
    Nice Product I purchased this item for my MacBook Pro as you can only use one USB port on the machine at a time! I wasn't sure about this item when I purchased it, whether it was what I wanted; also, if it would work. I can honestly say, I am very pleased with the product and I was also pleased with Satechi's delivery.
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    • txvikar
    • posted by: txvikar
    • posted on: 11/23/2012
    Great stuff Works and looks like a champ.
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    • SteveW
    • posted by: SteveW
    • posted on: 11/19/2012
    Nice piece of kit if you want to match the look of your Mac. The only problem I had was that one of the USB plastic 'tongues' seems to have been displaced, making it hard to insert a USB flash drive. After a bit of manipulation it seems to have realigned and is OK, Didn't give me a warm feeling about their robustness.

    On the plus side, matches the Mac design perfectly. Functionally perfect.

    Suggested upgrades: slightly longer USB cable, optional double sided sticky tape for the base, slightly more vertical orientation, allowing it to be stuck to the side of an iMac.

    Overall: positive.
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    • joeshong
    • posted by: joeshong
    • posted on: 11/19/2012
    Great simple beautiful product I love the fact that they sent it so soon
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    • crazyball
    • posted by: crazyball
    • posted on: 11/17/2012
    A great product and design If you like THE Apple Design i recommend this product
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    • Vic
    • posted by: Vic
    • posted on: 11/15/2012
    USB HUB This little hub is great! I have liked everything about it and it is very stylish! The only con I would have is that it not able to be able to have an external hard drive plugged into it because there is not enough power from the USB hub going to the external hard drive. It is minute and does not bother me much!

    Otherwise, a great product for a great price! Definitely worth the money.
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    • DENWER
    • posted by: DENWER
    • posted on: 11/7/2012
    Thanks! Everything is excellent. A great device. Perfectly combines with the iMac. Excellent quality and design.
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    • Jean
    • posted by: Jean
    • posted on: 11/6/2012
    Nice look Exactely wath i like to have on my iMac base!
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    • Kaliova
    • posted by: Kaliova
    • posted on: 10/30/2012
    Great Excellent product and service. I'd recommend selling these via UK distributors / Apple stores...
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    • Pumper
    • posted by: Pumper
    • posted on: 10/23/2012
    Looks & functions great, but at a high cost It looks great with my iMac and functions just as it should. It's nice having a little longer cable (9.5") but the price is pretty steep for a four-port hub, especially after paying shipping. I guess you are paying for the 'Apple' look. I knew what it was going to be when I ordered it and still ordered it and am very happy. As far as Satechi, they were a great company to deal with and processing and shipping were very quick. I would definitely use them again.
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    • Ken
    • posted by: Ken
    • posted on: 10/21/2012
    Love it!! Perfect match for my IMAC Would love to see a matching sd/cf multicard reader!
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    • Ilyjoedi
    • posted by: Ilyjoedi
    • posted on: 10/15/2012
    Great item I searched long for it and I am happy that I got it here. Defnetly great & YES !!
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    • Kirkjohnla
    • posted by: Kirkjohnla
    • posted on: 10/13/2012
    Great Product I been looking for nice 4 pot hub the looked nice and work well with my Mac.
    The usb cord is a great size and easy to move around...this product is perfect for me..Shipping was very fast also..Thanks!
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    • Ray
    • posted by: Ray
    • posted on: 10/8/2012
    I like what I got. I had to have it the first time I saw it in MacWorld. I know it cost a lot but it sure looks good next to my IMAC.
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    • Lykastor
    • posted by: Lykastor
    • posted on: 10/7/2012
    Great gadget It works great, slim, sleek and very great looking.
    I stick it with a 3M stripe to the side of my 27iMac...great!!!!
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    • Silver Eagle
    • posted by: Silver Eagle
    • posted on: 10/6/2012
    Nice product I'd been looking for a USB solution so I didn't have to keep groping around the back of my iMac.

    This little unit fits the bill almost perfectly. The cable is just about the right length and it's designed to match the apple keyboard & touch pad. It seems to be pretty fast as well (although I've not formally tested this). I'd also say it gives the impression of being well put together & should last well.

    I have to agree with some other reviewers that it's prone to tipping with some accessories but that was easily sorted with a strip of blue tack.

    Some say it's overpriced but I take the view it's worth the extra for the style & good construction.
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    • PRITTY57
    • posted by: PRITTY57
    • posted on: 10/6/2012
    Good Deal! I ordered this device for my MAC PRO...and I absolutely love it! One small concern is that it is light weight. However, it's all about the purpose....Get one, you will love it too...
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    • Claus
    • posted by: Claus
    • posted on: 10/4/2012
    Great deal Nice product, fast delevery
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    • Fred
    • posted by: Fred
    • posted on: 9/24/2012
    Great design Looks like an "apple" design. Fast delivery, even to the Netherlands.
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    • Susan
    • posted by: Susan
    • posted on: 9/23/2012
    Stylish and Exceptional service delivery. I am excited and pleased to report that it arrived today, and I am looking forward to trying it out this evening on my Mac. I ordered this such a short time ago, and it was delivered in exceptional time, totally secured packaging and I am sure it will deliver when I plug it in. I love the stylish lines.
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    • TonyK
    • posted by: TonyK
    • posted on: 9/22/2012
    Just works, and looks great! Ordered from UK and was delivered quickly, works properly (unlike several other cheaper alternatives), and just compliments the overall iMac look with its stylish appearance. Good Product, well done.
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    • Gene
    • posted by: Gene
    • posted on: 9/19/2012
    great compact design, same class as my Apple keyboard. Fits perfectly with my Apple computer keyboard, compact and "clean" design.
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    • Reviewer 346785
    • posted by: Reviewer 346785
    • posted on: 9/18/2012
    Good Product. Good attractive product that works well.
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    • Jim
    • posted by: Jim
    • posted on: 9/13/2012
    Cool, Really neat USB Hub This is the only USB Hub that I fount that matches my Mac desk top. I put two sided tape on the bottom an stuck it to the base/stand if my iMac.
    It looks GRATE. Even a Mac Magazines complement how grate the USB Hub is.
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    • Dick
    • posted by: Dick
    • posted on: 9/13/2012
    Very attractive and simple design, as if Apple had made it. Overall, this is a very nice product. I am currently using it with my MacBook Air, but because of its light weight, the not very flexible cord has a tendency to not allow the hub to sit flat. Also, when I plug in certain USB products, they overturn the hub, again because of its light weight. But, it works well and looks great with my Air!
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    • doggrannie
    • posted by: doggrannie
    • posted on: 9/12/2012
    great product great product, fast service
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    • Edgard
    • posted by: Edgard
    • posted on: 9/11/2012
    Share this review Great ...............
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    • kelli
    • posted by: kelli
    • posted on: 9/11/2012
    Great looking hub, though best for usb/jump drives I saw this usb hub reviewed in MacWorld. It's beautiful and sleek - a great look. The only downside for my tastes is that, due to its lightweight nature, it doesn't lay flat when you plug in peripherals with cords - the weight of the cables/cords pulls it over. The hub is terrific for thumb/usb drives, or if you have a setup where your cables are elevated and plug down vertically into the hub. I'd like to see an "in use" picture with print cables. Still love the hub though. Very Mac-esque.
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    • Stan
    • posted by: Stan
    • posted on: 9/11/2012
    Neat look,compliments Apple keyboard What I expected
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    • Rley002
    • posted by: Rley002
    • posted on: 9/11/2012
    Perfect5 Matches perfectly with MacBook Air and works as expected.
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    • Armando
    • posted by: Armando
    • posted on: 9/6/2012
    Great Great product, short USB cord
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    • mailto:idevicestore
    • posted by: mailto:idevicestore
    • posted on: 9/1/2012
    Excellent quality. Thank you. Very quickly delivered. Wholesome and quality product.
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    • jack da bass
    • posted by: jack da bass
    • posted on: 8/27/2012
    Satechi Premium 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub very good product
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    • nesbit
    • posted by: nesbit
    • posted on: 8/23/2012
    Great usb hub for the mac Sooooo much easier now i don't have to muck around with usb sticks behind my imac. Looks like something apple would produce. A perfect match for any mac! Highly recommended! International shipping was nice and quick.
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    • Ti-lou
    • posted by: Ti-lou
    • posted on: 8/21/2012
    Very nice How about a powered version?
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    • Uwe P
    • posted by: Uwe P
    • posted on: 8/6/2012
    Super This product looked like Apple!
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    • Fan
    • posted by: Fan
    • posted on: 7/31/2012
    Sehr gut War überrascht über die schnelle Lieferung trotz langen Postweges. Die Qualität und die Originalität stimmten überein.
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    • Cvtaylor
    • posted by: Cvtaylor
    • posted on: 7/20/2012
    Very nice Looks good and fits perfectly with all my Mac stuff. My only complaint is I with the USB cable were a bit longer
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    • abroaderview
    • posted by: abroaderview
    • posted on: 7/3/2012
    easy to use easy to use 5*****
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    • big tone
    • posted by: big tone
    • posted on: 6/29/2012
    Great Product Great Product
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    • Miche
    • posted by: Miche
    • posted on: 6/28/2012
    Looking good! Looks so nice standing there close to my iMac.
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    • elfpoo
    • posted by: elfpoo
    • posted on: 6/26/2012
    Excellent Hub This hub is the first thing any Apple user or enthusiast should consider. Functionally, it works like any other hub, but aesthetically it looks like you took it out of the same box your iMac or MacBook came in. It matches perfectly with the aluminium look and feel of the genuine Apple gear.

    The only con would be that when placed next to the Apple keyboard or Magic Trackpad the angle of the slope of the USB hub is a bit different, so it's not a perfect match. In reality though, the hub is rarely if ever going to be perfectly placed alongside these devices, so this really isn't a big problem. It still looks perfect next to them and works exactly as it should.

    Highly recommended.
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    • Hagar
    • posted by: Hagar
    • posted on: 6/26/2012
    Good looking and easy to use. This is an excellent visual match for a Mac keyboard and trackpad. The incline of the ports is very user friendly. Everything works as described and expected.
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    • Jan
    • posted by: Jan
    • posted on: 6/25/2012
    Outstanding Good quality an very attractive design.
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    • Marjan
    • posted by: Marjan
    • posted on: 6/19/2012
    Usb Simply beautiful ...
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    • paoldan
    • posted by: paoldan
    • posted on: 6/14/2012
    good item If you own a Imac or a MacBook, buy this 4 port USB Hub.
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    • Kevin
    • posted by: Kevin
    • posted on: 6/13/2012
    Sweet review Review
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