Satechi BT Touch Wireless Portable Bluetooth Hands-free Speaker System for iPhone / Android Smart Phones / iPad / Tablets / Macbook / Notebooks

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Satechi BT Touch Wireless Portable Bluetooth Hands-free Speaker

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Introducing the Satechi BT Touch Wireless Speaker, the BT Touch packs powerful, dynamic sound into a small package, and is the perfect speaker for filling a room with crystal-clear audio. Play your music wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled device, and enjoy speakerphone integration when the speaker is connected to a smart phone. You can control audio playback from the touch-LED buttons on the top of the speaker. The feature rich BT Touch is a pleasure for the eyes as well as the ears, and sports a glossy, sleek finish.

The BT Touch packs powerful, dynamic sound into a small package. Play your music wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and enjoy speakerphone integration when the speaker is connected to a smart phone.




Bluetooth 3.0

Integrated Bluetooth allows you to connect your computer, smart phone, or tablet and play music wirelessly from a range of up to 32'.


Bright Blue LED Touch Panel

Audio playback can be controlled with the BT Touch's multi-function buttons: play/pause, next/previous track, volume up/down, and answer/end call. The buttons are displayed as attractive blue LEDs atop the Touch's glossy touch panel.


Dynamic Sound with 2.5W x2 Speaker

Stereo sound is output through the BT Touch's dual-channel speaker system. Each channel outputs 2.5 watts to provide optimum sound quality. Its compact enclosure contains large speakers that significantly increase low-end bass frequencies.


Speakerphone Integration

The BT Touch contains a built-in mic, which allows you to use the speakerphone feature of your smart phone. Use the BT Touch's touch panel to answer and end calls.


USB Charging

The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is powered through the USB charging port which can be connected to a computer or a wall adapter and can last up to 6 hours of playback on a full charge.



Compact, Lightweight, Portable

Being wireless, the BT Touch is as portable as your phone. Its unique compact design enables easy transport around your home, office, or outside.


Short Name:
Satechi BT Touch Wireless Portable Bluetooth Hands-free Speaker
1 Year
Bluetooth 3.0
Apple iPhone 6 / 5S / 5C / 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS / 3G / iPod Touch G4 / iPad / Air / Mini / Macbook / Macbook Pro / Macbook Air / iMac / Mac Mini / Samsung Galaxy S5 / S4 / S3 / Note / Motorola Xoom / Atrix / Droid X / Droid 2 / Droid / Milestone / Backflip /
Product Dimensions:
7" x 4.75" x 3.5"
Product Weight:
1 lb 3 oz


2 Review(s)
March 29, 2013
Love it!,
It's hard to believe that such a little thing has so much power!!!! It's so light, so easy to carry everywhere, perfect for use at the beach, porch, bath! And The Bluetooth was very easy to connect!!
March 21, 2013
Great little speaker/speaker phone
Disclosure: I was contacted by Satechi and given a BT Touch specifically for the purpose of reviewing it. Test devices: HTC EVO LTE 4G Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G Samsing Galaxy S II Kindle Fire HD 7" Google Nexus 7 ASUS Transformer (TF101) There are a ton of these portable speakers on the market, and I own several. To date, my favorite has been the solar charged Rukus Solar, mainly because of it's sun recharging feature. That's about to change though. While solar charging is nifty, the Rukus is quite a bit larger and more expensive that the BT Touch, and, it doesn't work as a headset for your phone. in size, the BT Touch is just a little bigger than my fist. For something this small, one would thing the sound quality would be horrible or at least very tinny, but that's not the case here. There is an impressive amount of bass, and an equally impressive amount of volume. Excellent for sitting on my desk at work, though perhaps not loud enough for the car (planning to try this evening). The chassis design along with the blue glow of the buttons I found to be rather attractive. To save on battery, the button illumination turns off after a short period, but came right back on at the slightest touch in their area. Almost a shame really, as I do like the look of the glowing buttons. I was a little nervous pairing it up with my EVO, as there have been some compatibility issues on Android with Bluetooth devices that act as both media speaker and headset, but I didn't encounter a single glitch. Each of the devices tested paired up reliably every time, and I was able to make calls on the phone. Up close, the callers could hear me well, but I would need to raise my voice a fair amount if more than 5' from the unit. Playback and volume control worked very well, with only the slightest hesitation between making a selection (on device or BT Touch) and it being done. Each app I used the controls with responded without fail, including Pandora, Amazon MP3, Google Music, and BeyondPod Podcast Manager. On a full charge, with constant audio streaming, the BT Touch lasted just under 6 hours before the battery warning started up. Something of interest to perspective buyers is that I did intentionally poke at Satechi's customer support (using aliases), just to see what one could expect. Emails during normal business hours were answered from anywhere between 5 minutes and 6 hours. The longest times between emails is Always polite, to the point, and able to walk me through the "issues" I was having in clear and concise language. The same can be said for the included manual. With all the nice stuff I had to say about the BT Touch, why only four stars? Honestly, it comes down to one thing - the BT Touch doesn't come with an AC adapter. For the price (currently fifty bones), I feel something like that should be included.

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