Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer Mobile Presenter (Black) and Remote Control for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 2 & iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac Mini and Apple TV 3


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    Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer Mobile Presenter (Black) and Remote Control for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 2 & iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac Mini and Apple TV 3



    The lightweight, portable Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer is the perfect solution for controlling your media on Bluetooth-enabled computers, iOS devices, and Apple TV 3. Use the remote to enhance your presentations across a variety of programs, or navigate iOS with the Smart Pointer's Accessibility Mode.





    Bluetooth 3.0

    The Bluetooth Smart Pointer supports Bluetooth 3.0 HID, Class II profile. It is compatible with all iOS devices and any computer with Bluetooth capabilities.


    Multimedia Mode

    Use the Smart Pointer's Multimedia Mode to control media playback – increase and decrease volume, start and stop movies and songs, and fastforward, rewind, and skip tracks of any media playing from your Bluetooth-enabled computer or iOS device.



    Presentation Mode

    The Bluetooth Smart Pointer works with a variety of presentation programs including Keynote and Powerpoint. Use the Presentation Mode and the built-in laser pointer to enhance your presentations: you can advance slides and jump to specific slides within your presentation. Presentation Mode also allows you to control your Apple TV 3.


    Accessibility Mode

    Accessibility Mode allows you to browse and open apps, and navigate through Keynote slides and iBooks pages on your  iOS device.  Enable VoiceOver in iOS Accessibility settings to take advantage of this functionality.



    Camera Remote Shutter

    In Multimedia Mode, the volume up button on the Smart Pointer will trigger the Camera app to capture a photo just like a camera remote shutter. This means you can place the iPhone on a tripod or stand, and snap a blur-free shot. The remote is also perfect for group shots so you can include everyone in the picture!



    Siri Activation

    Thanks to the Home button on the Bluetooth Smart Pointer, you do not need to reach for your iPhone while you are driving or jogging. Just press and hold the Home button on the remote to activate Siri!



    Laser Pointer

    The Bluetooth Smart Pointer features a built-in laser pointer, useful for directing attention and increasing the effectiveness of your presentations.



    Lithium-Ion Battery

    With a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, the Bluetooth Smart Pointer is ready for presentations whenever you are. The device is USB-chargeable; no need to buy expensive batteries!


    Update: The Bluetooth Smart Pointer will not work in Keynote, iBooks and PowerPoint on iOS devices running iOS 8. We have contacted Apple to resolve this issue and are awaiting a response. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Please return to this page for updates

    Control media playback on Bluetooth-enabled computers and iOS devices.

    Take photos without leaving yourself out and eliminate any camera instability. (Using device as a remote shutter)

    Accessibility Mode lets you navigate and open applications, send messages, and more in iOS. (iOS devices only)

    The remote's home button can be used to activate Siri. (iOS devices only)

    Can be used to control presentations across a variety of programs on any Bluetooth-enabled computer.

    Built-in laser pointer to enhance and focus your presentations.

    Additional Information

    Short Name Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer(Black)
    SKU B00A3WRM5G
    UPC 879961002930
    Warranty 1 Year
    Connectivity Bluetooth 3.0 HID
    Compatibility iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, iPad Air/Mini/3/2/1, iPod Touch 4G/3G, MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac Mini, and all other Bluetooth-enabled Apple products, Bluetooth-enabled computers
    Product Dimensions 4.25 x 1.5 x 0.48
    Product Weight 8 oz

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    Would it work with iPhone 6+?

    Would it work with iPhone 6+?

    • A.

      Indeed, the iPhone 6 Plus should be compatible with the BT Smart Pointer and work without a problem.

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    I am using an iPad with quick office for power point presentations. I connect to...

    I am using an iPad with quick office for power point presentations. I connect to a projector. I have to advance each slide by tapping the iPad. Will this allow me to advance the slides remotely so I can move around the room during my presentations?

    • A.

      Indeed, the BT Smart Pointer should allow you to control PowerPoint presentations remotely through your iPad.

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    Does the Smart Pointer work with any teleprompter software?

    Does the Smart Pointer work with any teleprompter software?

    • A.

      The Smart Pointer is compatible with the iOS7 app Teleprompt+ 3, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

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      yes |
    Can I pair the remote to my Windows 7 computer without entering the pairing code?...

    Can I pair the remote to my Windows 7 computer without entering the pairing code?

    • A.

      Yes. First, power the remote on. Then slide down the cover to reveal the keypad. Press and HOLD down the Bluetooth connect button on the keypad for "5 seconds". On the PC got to/open “add Bluetooth Device”. The tag for the BT Remote should appear in the device list. Left click on the tag and select properties. Check off “Drivers for Keyboard, etc (HID) and click ok.

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    What are the keyboard keys the BT Smart Pointer maps to in the three different modes...

    What are the keyboard keys the BT Smart Pointer maps to in the three different modes (Accessibility, Media, and Presentation)?

    • A.

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    How do I enable accessibility mode?

    How do I enable accessibility mode?

    • A.

      To use this feature, you must first activate the Toggle VoiceOver on your iOS device. Got to Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple-click Home and activate “Toggle VoiceOver”. Triple-clicking the Bluetooth Smart Pointer’s Home button will then toggle this feature on and off.

      1 people found this answer helpfull.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Josh
    • posted by: Josh
    • posted on: 11/19/2014
    Pointer does work AGAIN in iOS 8.1 !!! I bought the Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer Mobile Presenter to use in an iPad 2 with iOS6, and everything went great until I decided to upgrade to iOS 7 and the pointer didn't work anymore at all, not even using accessibility mode... It was totally screwed up...

    A few weeks ago I did a iOS upgrade to iOS 8.0 and tested if the pointer could work again, but nothing.

    However, since my iPad 2 is running under iOS 8.1 (12B410) firmware... My pointer is working back again!!!! I'm happiest 'cause I thought I'd have to sell my pointer beause iOS 7 and 8.0 render it non-working.. but now I can use it AGAIN!!

    Obviously The pointer works in iOS 8.1 inaccessibility mode, using the VoicerOver feature, but the big news is this: The Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer Mobile Presenter is working again in iOS 8.1 firmware!

    A FINAL NOTE: I tested my pointer in a Xperia Z1 too (Xperia Z1 C6903, Android KitKat 4.4.4, 14.4.A.0.157 firmware) , and It works ALSO!!! Fantastic!!!
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    • ACE
    • posted by: ACE
    • posted on: 10/31/2014
    Good value Thanks for saving us with a MacBook Air. This is my first Apple and I can't believe the company didn't make provision for a remote.
    The remote worked easily the first time. Haven't tried it again but expect the same. I wish the remote was less expensive and had a pouch to store the remote.
    Thanks again.
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    • ninorigo
    • posted by: ninorigo
    • posted on: 10/25/2014
    Teacher of math I am a teacher and I use this smart pointer on powerpoint slides shown during my lessons of math.
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    • Maciej
    • posted by: Maciej
    • posted on: 10/12/2014
    About PowerPoint presentation on IOS 8 (IPad) Hello,
    I using my Pointer with PowerPoint presentation and it works. Wokrs up and down arrows to forward and backward slides. I connected this Pointer to my IPad without any configuration (just pairing) and it works for me enought (I use laser pointer and up and down arrows).
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    • Juha Lipponen
    • posted by: Juha Lipponen
    • posted on: 10/2/2014
    Great product, look&feel Great product. I give my presentations with my iPad and have not been able to find a remote that will work with it. Ability to use it as remote for my Mac (in presentations for it as well), iPhone, and Apple TV is a bonus. Great quality & look and feel as well.
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    • Lex
    • posted by: Lex
    • posted on: 9/25/2014
    Great gadget I teach quite a few courses with the aid of Powerpoint presentations. The mobile presenter is the device that makes me totally mobile in the room, reliably, while using my iPad with Powerpoint. Other setups are impracticle, lose connection or drain my phone's battery.
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    • petermark
    • posted by: petermark
    • posted on: 8/28/2014
    I can recommend it It fits comfortably in your hand, works reliably...
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    • Shutterbug
    • posted by: Shutterbug
    • posted on: 8/6/2014
    Well made and easy to use. This is well made product with a finished feel and appearance. Great size and feel and does what it is advertised to do. One thing, in the paring instructions, it would be good to mention that one needs to hold the pair button down for a few seconds instead of just "push the Pair button."
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    • dom
    • posted by: dom
    • posted on: 7/7/2014
    A very good product I am a french customer. I've just received that Smart Pointer and I am completely satisfied by that product. It works very well with my presentation tools such as Keynote and IMindmap. Good work !
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    • cruzartacho
    • posted by: cruzartacho
    • posted on: 7/5/2014
    Compra genial !! Aunque para conectarlo a mi iPad mini tuve que acudir a un video en Youtube, porque las instrucciones no estaban del todo claras, cuando se conectó, ... fué genial
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    • SmartiePantsMe
    • posted by: SmartiePantsMe
    • posted on: 6/18/2014
    Just what I was looking for! Once I got past the initial setup, the product worked great. Does everything it said it would do!
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    • Brad Hong
    • posted by: Brad Hong
    • posted on: 5/21/2014
    Perfect Nice shipping, reasonable price, work perfectly.
    Thnx, Satechi.
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    • Robin Trietsch
    • posted by: Robin Trietsch
    • posted on: 4/24/2014
    Great product, fast shipping (to the Netherlands) Works instantly!
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    • Terry
    • posted by: Terry
    • posted on: 4/22/2014
    Good value for unique product I've been looking for a way to use my Ipad with a slide advancer and this remote does the trick. The users manual instructions for set up with an IOs device are confusing but the Satechi website has a useful video that helps set you straight.
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    • Majestix
    • posted by: Majestix
    • posted on: 4/4/2014
    Excellent choice for MS PowerPoint on iOS / iPad Works great (accessibility mode) with just freshly released Microsoft PowerPoint 1.0 for iOS on iPad! Now I can do all my professional presentations with my iPad - no need for a Windows Notebook anymore - just excellent!
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    • MrPalma
    • posted by: MrPalma
    • posted on: 2/12/2014
    Good Quality Great Product for Remote controlled Picture taking and awesome for music player on cellphones.
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    • Piet from Canada eh!
    • posted by: Piet from Canada eh!
    • posted on: 1/31/2014
    Very Happy I ordered this for my wife. She's a teacher using Keynote presentations on her iPad and has her iPad hooked up to a large screen. She loves her iPad and Keynote, but since day one has been frustrated about the fact she could not use a "clicker" to advance slides. Using wireless apps on her iPhone were never an option. Cellphones in classrooms is a big nono. And the Keynote remote app is all but convenient. Wireless signal in school is wonky at best and for her to setup Keynote Remote on bluetooth... not straightforward enough... And here came Satechi Bluetooth Remote to the rescue!!! She has tested it and is ready of classes I can tell you! I was blasted for having updated iOS and Keynote to the latest versions... so had to revert Keynote back to 1.7.2 to assure it worked with attaching a big screen to the iPad... My wife couldn't be happier.. and that makes me happy!
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    • posted by: ANTONIO
    • posted on: 1/10/2014
    Rapidez y satisfacción por la compra. Seguridad y satisfacción por la compra a la empresa.
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    • Fred
    • posted by: Fred
    • posted on: 12/5/2013
    Great device Bought it for my iPod Touch V device because this screen it can't be readout in the sun. (beach)
    Have to pair by the alternative way (press button 5 sec, according the manual this will be reduce the standby period) but after that it works great.
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    • Joseph
    • posted by: Joseph
    • posted on: 9/22/2013
    It works great with iOS6, but some issues with iOS7 I tested it with my Apple iDevices (iPad4 and iPhone5), both appear that the triple-click function does not work, but I tried to triple-click the home button on the iDevices they works fine, so I think it's incompatible issue with iOS7, please try to find the solution or report back to Apple to fix it.
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    • benedictus
    • posted by: benedictus
    • posted on: 8/13/2013
    Easy to install, works like a charm Been looking for this kind of presenter for quite a while. Couldn't get it in the Netherlands so I've ordered in here.

    Easy to install, works like a charm. (bluetooth)
    And I like the laser pointer.
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    • Phillip
    • posted by: Phillip
    • posted on: 7/19/2013
    Great product A great product, just what I needed to remotely control my Mac Air (and other Mac products) since Apple have omitted to put IR on the Mac Air.
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    • glen
    • posted by: glen
    • posted on: 5/30/2013
    get it Been waiting years for great as advertised...
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    • electriclewis
    • posted by: electriclewis
    • posted on: 4/16/2013
    Great replacement for the Apple remote lost from modern Macbook Pro's It is small, compact and feels nice to hold. Buttons work well, although you need to experiment with them in each of its three different modes to see what they all do with different applications - I've found some nice functions that add to its appeal. For me I needed it to replace the Apple Remote that came with the old Macbook Pro models to use with PowerPoint as the Apple software remotes only work with Keynote - this device works like a charm so far.
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    • Zulma
    • posted by: Zulma
    • posted on: 4/10/2013
    Multifunctional Bluetooth Remote The Satechi Smart Pointer is a great tool for presentations for work presentations or classrooms. It pairs via Bluetooth very easily and holds the connection throughout our large conference room. It's nice not having to worry about a USB dongle. I use it primarily to control Keynote presentations on my Mac. I tried it using Keynote on the iPad, but after having to turn on VoiceOver to get it to work, it was just a little too clunky for me so I'll stick to the Mac.

    When in "Presentation Mode" the play/pause button will advance the slides (as will the volume up/skip forward button, volume down/skip back will reverse them). Hitting the Mute button will end the presentation while selecting the home button will cause the screen to go black. A nice touch if you want to have the someone in the audience looks at you instead of the slide. Pressing the Home button again will resume the presentation where you left off. You can also go to a particular slide number using the number pad.

    In "Multimedia Mode" selecting the laser pointer button (which only produces a beam in Accessibility & Presentation modes) will bring up a dialog box asking if you want to shut down the computer. Pressing the button again does not dismiss this box. You have to do it manually on the Mac. A pain if you accidentally hit that button.

    In Multimedia Mode on the iPhone, when you select the Camera app, the volume up button will snap a picture. If you put the iPhone on a tripod, this is a nice way to take a group shot.

    This is the first presentation remote I have used that has had a rechargeable battery instead of a button cell. I am anxious to see how long the battery lasts. A battery life indicator would be a nice touch to add on future models. It does come with an on/of switch. Not sure if it puts itself in a low power mode if not used for awhile. (While writing this, I did notice a connection lost notification from my Mac after about five minutes - connection was reestablished after pressing a button - guess that answers that question)

    The laser pointer is bright and crisp and can be seen even in a brightly lit rooms.

    The only down side to this pointer (and hence the 4 stars) is the lack of any way to control the mouse. Many times I will embed URLs into my presentations that I will click on. I need to have a wireless mouse handy in order to click on these links. I'm wondering how hard it would be to add this functionality.
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    • K
    • posted by: K
    • posted on: 3/22/2013
    Finally a Keynote remote for the iPad Excellent! Only caveat: weak red laser pointer. Please make one with a strong green laser (will be the first one to buy it).
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    • *sigh*
    • posted by: *sigh*
    • posted on: 3/5/2013
    finally a remote to present with the iPad Although the work-around to get the remote functioning with Keynote on the iPad is a little hacky, this is something I have been searching for for ages. Finally I can use my iPad as a presentation device.
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    • Balamiere
    • posted by: Balamiere
    • posted on: 3/4/2013
    nice product with some weakness Just got my Bluetooth Smart Pointer today. The packaging looks attractive. The unit looks good, nice built. I like the rubbery feeling. While the remote itself feels solid, the slider to reveal the numeric button, bluetooth button and enter button feels cheap. I don't like it. I feel like this slider can break anytime.

    Pairing the remote with a Mac is very easy. I use OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Pairing process requires us to press the bluetooth button. This means, for every pair, I have to slide down the button cover (which I have to perform very carefully to avoid breaking the unit). Pairing with Mac also need us to enter 8 digits number (then enter), since this unit is recognized as a keyboard in Mac. The numeric buttons are small, but I don't have any problem in entering the 8 digits number.

    So far I have tried multimedia mode and presentation mode, all works correctly.

    In presentation mode paired with a Macbook and PowerPoint, this remote does well in going to next slide and previous slide (which is, pretty much everything I need). The red laser pointer works properly, but I noticed a little delay from the moment we press the pointer button until we actually see a pointer on the screen.

    In multimedia mode paired with a Macbook and few different movie players, this remote does well in play/pause, volume up/down and mute. Prev and next button works for some players and don't work for some others.

    If I don't press anything for few minutes, the remote will disconnect itself from the computer. I guess this is to save battery. Pressing any button will trigger reconnection. Takes about 5 seconds to reconnect. Then all the buttons will work again. This will most probably not a problem in presentation, as I would have moved to the next slide anyway before the disconnection, but certainly is a bit annoying when watching a movie.

    When I tried to pair it with Mac mini, the pairing process works correctly. But when I want to reconnect to Macbook again, I have to repeat the pairing process from the beginning. Actually I don't mind a little extra steps as long as it works. What worries me, is every pairing process requires me to slide down the numeric buttons cover, which I don't like.
    In the end, I changed my mind about using this remote for my Macbook, Mac mini, iPhone and iPad. I decided to just pair it with one device: my Macbook, to do presentations mainly. Because re-pair process is kinda "scary".

    If you consider to buy this remote to use with one device, whatever it is, then this is a GOOD device (since you only need to do one time pair). But if you consider to buy this remote, thinking that you can use with with different devices in day-to-day use, please be aware.
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    • Ulli
    • posted by: Ulli
    • posted on: 2/25/2013
    Finally a presenter that works with Keynote for the iPad Ever since i bought my iPad, i have been looking for a presenter with lair pointer that can be used as a clicker to advance slides. The Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer implements this in a beautiful fashion.
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    • Parka Jones
    • posted by: Parka Jones
    • posted on: 2/3/2013
    I Like but…. would change 2 things. I like this remote but the only 2 things that kinda bummed me out was 1: I noticed it seems to go to sleep after about 10 minutes and 2: After connecting my iPhone 5 I can't get my keyboard to show if I open an app that requires I use a keyboard, I have to use the keyboard button on the remote to get it to show up but once I've brought it up once on the remote then I can bring it up and swipe it down as I normally would. The main reason I bought this remote was to use during driving so I could pause without having to reach forward and try to use my phone's play/pause button in my bouncy truck. The bummer is when it goes to sleep it looses it's Bluetooth connection with my iPhone so first I have to hit the Play/Pause button to wake it up (or any other button to wake it) and have it connect then I have to hit the Play/Pause button again to actually pause or play. So I'm taking a trip and a few songs like maybe 3 goes by then I need to pause the music and well….. I have to wake it wait 3 seconds and then bitt the command I desire. The good part is it really only takes 3 seconds to re-connect and it's good to go but I'm not digging that problem. I get that it's necessary for it to sleep to conserve battery but I wish it was longer than 10 minutes, if you could custom select sleep times that would be a good feature to add. With that said it is a good product overall and I'm not using it for presentations but the included laser pointer makes for a fun toy to makes cats and dogs run around the house.
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    • Vince-TX
    • posted by: Vince-TX
    • posted on: 1/28/2013
    Very great product to buy I enjoy the blue tooth device and all my friends and family love its features.
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    • Mark
    • posted by: Mark
    • posted on: 12/28/2012
    Finally works on Keynote on iPad... I was looking for a remote that I can control the Keynote on iPad. This definately works. I tried it once I got it and charged to make sure it actually works. Easy to set up and to work with it.
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    • Hannah81
    • posted by: Hannah81
    • posted on: 11/30/2012
    It's an excellent product Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer Remote works very well with both the Macbook Air as the iPad. We recommend it.
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    • Austin
    • posted by: Austin
    • posted on: 11/30/2012
    Great versatility in a well designed and priced package I jumped on ordering this pointer as it promised to fill the need for a remote to control a Keynote presentation from an iOS device. I have used Apple's iPhone remote app, but it is cumbersome and drains batteries. It was never really a viable option.

    The only problem I have had so far was in pairing this device with my Macbook Air. The input keyboard is a bit small and the Air wanted 8 digits; it took me three attempts to get it paired without the Air timing out. After it was paired it worked great and I did a presentation the next day with it.

    The laser pointer works fine and the controls all work as expected (Keynote on a Macbook Air). I love the fact that it has a built in rechargeable battery.

    Pairing on my iPad was immediate with the four digit code and it works as expected. Interesting workaround by Satechi to use the accessibility features of iOS to control Keynote. It works just fine although you will want to mute your iOS device if you do not want to hear actual voiceover commands (once you actually start the presentation it is not an issue.)

    You also have to be careful of buttons because the "Home" button in accessibility mode is the "Blank Screen" button in MacOS Keynote mode. If you press "Home" you close out Keynote and go to your Home screen, which is probably not something you want to do in the middle of your presentation.

    I have only done dry runs from my iPad so far but I expect to use it in earnest soon. What I really want to do it to run presentations from my iPhone as well and this is going to let me do that.

    Considering there were really no other viable options until now for controlling Keynote on iOS this device is BRILLIANT.
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