Satechi 10000 mAh Portable Energy Station Extended Battery Charger Pack for iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, 4S, 4 & 3GS, iPad Air 1, 2, 3, Mini, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2, Tab 2, Tab 10.1,  Blackberry Playbook, HTC One, Flyer

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Satechi 10000 mAh Portable Energy Station Extended Battery Charger

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When you want power, Satechi 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station is exactly what you need. Engineered to the highest standards, 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station is a mobile, compact and simple to use portable power supply for all your power-hungry USB devices, including all generations of iPad and iPhone.
When you want power, Satechi 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station is exactly what you need. Engineered to the highest standards, 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station is a mobile, compact and simple to use portable power supply for all your power-hungry USB devices, including all generations of iPad and iPhone.


Boasting a powerful 10000 mAh, 2A battery the Portable Energy Station can charge your iPad, iPhone, or any other USB powered Smart Phone or Tablet while you're on the go. It is lightweight and compact for its capacity, hence you can easily carry it on long flights in your laptop or tablet bag. It even fits easily into your pockets or purse.


Two USB outputs allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time, and the LED charge status indicator lights show how much battery power is remaining to charge your devices. The compact battery weighs 7.4oz and comes with a 6-in-1 supply of cables to fit the most popular devices on the market.


10000 mAH Portable Energy Station is simple to use -just attach the device/s to be charged using its USB cable or supplied cable with 6 connectors, then press the on button to begin charging. You can recharge the 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station  with the supplied USB adapter or iPad USB adapter.



High Capacity 10000 mAH

Lightweight, compact and simple to use

2 x USB outputs, 5V, 1A & 2A - Charge up to 2 devices simultaneously

LED charge status indicator lights

Rechargeable via AC adapter or USB

Technical Specifications

Lithium polymer 10000mAh battery

Input Voltage: DC5.0V

Input Current: 2000mA

Output 1: DC5.0V/2A

Output 2: DC5.0V/1A

Charging Duration: ~ 7-9 hours

Dimensions: 5.5" x 2" x 0.75"

Weight: 7.4oz

Package Contents:

Portable Energy Station unit

Universal power adapter with USB port

USB extension cable

6-in-1 USB cable

Travel pouch

Lightning adapter is not included

Short Name:
Satechi 10000 mAh Portable Energy Station Extended Battery Charger
1 Year
Output USB 5V/1AMP, 5V/2AMP
Apple: iPad/iPad Air/Mini/iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4s/4/3Gs/ iPod Touch/Classic/Nano Samsung: Galaxy Note/Galaxy S5/S4/S3/S2 / Galaxy Nexus/ HTC: Evo Shift 4G/Incredible S/Sensation XL /Thunderbolt / EVO 3D / EVO 4G / Motorola: Razr/Atrix / Bionic
Product Dimensions:
5.5" x 2" x 0.75"
Product Weight:
1 lb 3 oz


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53 Review(s)
August 27, 2013
Very good product
I asked if the product was compatible with my cell phone the answer was yes and it is but yes but it did not come with a cable. I have to use the cable that came with the phone which is pretty long. The unit needs to offer a cable that is shorter so it will be more portable. Other wise it is a great product that does exactly what it should.
August 26, 2013
Good performance, quick recharging of iPad and iPhone!
I hope Satechi continues to make this excellent battery charger more compact and LIGHTER. My wife likes it though it's still a bit heavy for her to carry around.
August 22, 2013
Fabulous product!
This is everything promised! It is light weight, compact and powerful. As soon as I received it I charged it overnight. The next day I charged my dead Sony e-reader and my Galaxy S3 phone. Each charged in about 3 hours, and the energy station still had lots of power. As stated in previous reviews, even the charger to charge the energy station is small and light. The price is very reasonable. This product is a dream come true for a traveller who may not always be near a car, a wall plug or a laptop. It will get a workout when I go to Australia and New Zealand for 2 months!
August 12, 2013
Great product
I really like this product. I have tried several other rechargers and been very disappointed on how long it took them to recharge. This recharges much faster than any I have tried. It is light weight and fits in my purse where I can easily connect my phone and recharge.
August 6, 2013
Big help when camping
I have been using this product for a little over a year now, for my travels and camping trips and it never failed. I'd always bring it with me when I have camping trips without power source. Was able to charge my phone for 3 consecutive days (after using it mainly for playing music and games) including my friend's tablet and it still had juice left. It didn't also drain easily after camping in high altitudes where the cold temp can drain your batteries faster even when not in use. For a 10,000mah charger, it takes several hours to fully charge it though, so if you have a trip the next day, be sure to set a reminder of charging it at least a whole day before. When I dont have trips, I'd still bring it along for charging my phone and other gadgets, and power lasts for about a week before it totally drains to 0. Weight and size is just right, for me. I'd recommend this product to anyone. Have already been recommending this to some of my friends.
July 31, 2013
very good product
great product. Many plug provide. battery pack for many recharge. Very good product.
July 25, 2013
Thank you for producing the product. Just what I needed
July 25, 2013
Can't Recommend This More
Following a very comprehensive review of portable chargers at, making the decision to buy a Satechi Portable Energy Station was a no brainer. Compared to the competition, the weight to power output to price ratio is one of the best. Being able to charge the Energy Station from a variety of sources and it being able to store the equivalent of five iPhone charges make it the perfect companion when travelling and off the grid. It's light weight, the compact form factor is easily stowed in a backpack, it's stupidly simple to use and can power/charge two devices at once.
June 25, 2013
Would Recommend
It has only been a little over a week and I have only used it a couple of times, it appears to be doing what is supposed to based on the ads and the reviews. I use it to charge my wife's old HTC Evo 4G and my Evo 3D (with Seidio extended 4000mah battery). I bought it since we are always out of the house, always outdoors. Usually my wife's phone would run out of juice after continuously being on Facebook and other social media sites, she would end up borrowing my phone and end depleting my battery as well. Now that we have this device she has not borrowed my phone ever since. At first I was thinking of getting another one but looks like one would be good for both our phones. I have searched online before I purchased and I think this is the best one for the price, size and performance, others with similar capacity are over $100. The device feels a little heavy which is a good thing to me, feels expensive unlike others which are so light that it feels generic. So far so good. I would recommend this item.
June 9, 2013
Excellent value and convenient
The pack is super easy to use - just charge it up using a MicroUSB cable, either through a wall outlet or even by USB on a computer and then you've got 10,000 mAh at your disposal. The high capacity of the battery is super useful, as is the 1 and 2 amp options (there's two USB outlets). The LED lights let you know quickly how much charge you have left. It's a little heavy but the build quality is great and the price is right too, After using one for 2 months, I'm buying my second now.

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