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Satechi Bluetooth Button Series (Home Button)

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Satechi Bluetooth Button Series (Home Button)

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Product Review (submitted on January 8, 2015):
Sometimes an item catches your eye and while looking at it you have some questions.
That looks interesting but do I need it?
It looks so simple does it really work?
Maybe you give it a try since you can always return it if you don't like it.
Well those were my thoughts when looking at these Satechi Buttons. There are three of them (home,media,shutter). They are displayed beautifully in clear plastic boxes, almost like they are floating in the package. Each button comes with choices on how to mount or carry it. Their is a plastic ring that wraps around the steering wheel, 3M Mounting Tape to stick on your dashboard, a string to attach to your keychain or whatever you want to. They connect to your smartphone or other device via Bluetooth. The battery should last 2 or more years. The buttons have a great look to them, and are made of plastic with aluminum sides. The Bluetooth range is approximately 40'.
I am using an iPhone 6, & iPad Air 2 with my buttons, but you can use any other Bluetooth device with yours.
For me the Home & Media Button have the most benefit in my car by providing a more handsfree ride. The Shutter Button is great in any situation where you are taking pictures or videos.

The HOME BUTTON has one purpose and you guessed it, one click and you go directly to your home screen and use Siri or other voice controlled App. Speak a text message, make a phone call. Your phone can be in your pocket or anywhere within about 40'. However you need to be close enough for your phone to hear you.

The MEDIA BUTTON controls any media app. It can be your iPhones music, any streaming music app such as Amazon Music, as well as videos. You are so much safer not having to pick up your phone to control your music. The button will raise/lower your music, fast forward/rewind or advance to the next song. You have complete control as long as you are within 40' of your phone. Another great thing I have done with the media button is use it at the gym. I didn't need to have my phone on the machine where it could get damaged. I kept it in my gym bag and was able to control my music.

The SHUTTER BUTTON is the simplest of all. One push to take a picture or start a video recording. Great for selfies or set your phone on a tripod and take group or any other picture you desire. I'm looking forward to the Summer so I can set up my Bluetooth waterproof camera by the pool and just click away remotely.

I have been having so much fun with them that I think I'll keep them. The only question I have is what will button #4 do, they can't keep us hanging. Their has to be more on the way.