Soundfly-i Ultimate FM Transmitter with RDS & Remote Control for iPad & iPad 2 / iPhone 4S & 4, iPod

Soundfly-i Ultimate FM Transmitter with RDS & Remote Control for iPad & iPad 2 / iPhone 4S & 4, iPod
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August 9, 2015
I have tried many of these same gadgets ... this one finally does what I expected. Thank you!
March 29, 2013
Nailed it - Thanks!
Library CD's ate my older Honda's CD changer (beware the little center labels!) Now it's iPod-to-Car-Speakers -- Nice. AutoScan made finding the open frequencies easy. So now I just plug the iPod back into the Soundfly (I leave the Soundfly plugged into the car), and the strong transmitter brings it thru loud and clear starting right where I left off.
November 12, 2012
Good FM Transmitter
This is my third FM transmitter. I have it for less than a week, but I am very happy with the quality of sound. It feels slick and sturdy.
October 22, 2012
No need to unplug
@agentgiggles There's no need to unplug my friend. Just use the center power button to power off. Easy Peasy ;-)
October 22, 2012
Works really well
After trying a couple products without any success, my friend recommended SoundFly. My initial thought was, what the heck it just a try. Man was I surprised by the sound quality and easy setup. USB cable plugs directly into my iPhone, plays and charges at the same time! Return to my car and reconnecting my iPhone syncs right to the last song I played. I'm now enjoying my playlists in my 2005 Mini Cooper (dealer wanted $700 for a USB cable/hookup to my audio system) *SMH*
October 11, 2012
Perfect for my Needs
It works as expected and has is much easier to control while driving than my previous FM transmitter. Features I really like: * It charges my ipod while I'm driving, and it of course doesn't require batteries. * The cord is long enough I can have my ipod in my lap to change to song if I need to, this is much safer than a previous transmitter I had. * I can pause the playback with a button on the transmitter itself, so if the ipod falls to the floor, no worries! I've been using it 2 weeks now, and the quality is good so far. I unplug it when the car is off. This is because I leave the ipod plugged in and I want to make sure it doesn't charge my ipod and drain the car battery when its not running. Really the only thing I'm worried about is the constant plugging and unplugging might weaken the swivel part of the screen that connects to the plug in. Also, I'm pleased that it came with an axillary cord so I can plug the portable CD player into it too. My CD player broke on the car, so this is a nice option to have.