Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp with Touch Control Dimmable Lighting, 1 Hour Off Timer & Smart Phone Charging Port (White)

Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp with Touch Control Dimmable Lighting, 1 Hour Off Timer & Smart Phone Charging Port (White)
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September 12, 2016
Great lamp for the price
Lighting can be adjusted as well at the angle of the lamp. Great value for the price.
April 15, 2016
Worth every penny. Works like a charm and the USB port in the back is very convienient for charging my phone at my desk.
May 19, 2015
Highly Recommended.
Thank you Satechi. for prompt processing and delivery (to Canada) of my online order for the Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp (White). I love this desk lamp. It is everything your website said it would be. I especially love the ability to have dim control for each of the four light settings.
April 25, 2015
Love the different light settings and brightnesses, looks sleek and modern, easy to turn on/ off/ plug in and charger is useful too
July 14, 2014
best desk lamp ever
Like the crisp white light for working and reading. and the low level light when I am just cruising the internet. My cat like to lay on my desk and turns it on and off.
October 24, 2013
Great desk lamp but definitely a little pricey
Great overall desk lamp. My daughter is using this in her college dorm room and she loves the different light temperature settings for studying and relaxing. It has great height and reach and can stow away with low profile. The phone charging via USB port is convenient especially for iPhone. The one negative is its higher than standard cost but you do get a quality, nicely designed product for the money.
October 14, 2013
Great value, works exactly as described.
Love the four settings with adjustable intensity within each setting. I can't believe these warm light is produced by an LED on the relaxation and bedtime modes! I'm a grad student and this I'm sure this lovely light will make hours of studying textbooks and on my laptop much more enjoyable than the harsh glare of my old halogen light.
October 11, 2013
good product
just received the lamp--so far so good!
September 30, 2013
Nice look, slim profile and great lighting, USB port is a big plus! Both of my kids love it right away, it make their desk so much better. Lighting is similar to naturas lighting and is absolutely silent.
September 27, 2013
Best Light for reading and tasks
This is probably the coolest lamp I have ever owned. I use in my office and everyone who has seen the lamp is impressed. The lighting modes are great. When I need to read small print I just put it on the read more. When I am on conference calls and need light but not a bright light I put in the bedroom or sleep mode, It also swivels to wherever you need the light