Satechi 7 Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub (White Trim) for iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac Mini


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    Satechi 7 Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub (White Trim) for iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac Mini


    The Satechi 7-Port Premium Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub adds 7 more USB ports to your computer to connect 7 USB devices for accessing or charging. This allows you to connect and use USB devices such as digital cameras, external hard drives, flash drives, and printers, all from a single hub. Powered by USB 3.0, this hub provides quick data rates of up to 5.0Gbps. Equipped with a power supply, the Satechi 7-Port Premium Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub guarantees electric current stability and the effective operation of connected USB devices. It does not require any software, drivers, or complicated installation process. The Satechi 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub features a sleek design to fit on your desk without taking up precious desktop space.

    Slim, strip-shape design with a sleek brushed aluminum finish, features 7 USB 3.0 ports laid out across the top so you can easily plug in and remove devices.

    Providing data rates of up to 5Gbps - 10 times faster than USB 2.0. You can transfer your photos, music, and HD movies to a USB 3.0 external storage device faster than ever before.

    The 7-Port Premium Aluminum Hub is powered by an included wall adapter.

    Compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/ME, Mac OS X (latest updates from Apple required), and Linux kernels 3.0 and later. Full forward and backward compatibility between USB 3.0 and 2.0/1.1 hosts and devices.

    2.4Ghz wireless devices, such as wireless keyboard and mouse adapters, may not work in close proximity to USB 3.0 devices or hubs. Connecting to a USB 2.0 port is recommended.

    This hub functions as a USB hub only, to connect USB 3.0, 2.0, USB 1.1 devices to your computer, and is not a standalone device charger.

    Testing speeds of up to 5.0Gbps with USB 3.0

    Sleek Apple-style design ideal For Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac mini

    Plug and play - does not require any software, drivers, or complicated installation process.

    Backwards Compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices

    Expand your computer's existing USB 3.0 port to seven additional USB 3.0 ports

    Additional Information

    Short Name Satechi 7 Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub (White Trim)
    UPC 879961003517
    Warranty 1 Year
    Connectivity USB 3.0, backwards compatible with USB 2.0
    Compatibility Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/ME, Mac OS X (latest updates from Apple required), and Linux kernels 3.0 and later. Full forward and backward compatibility between USB 3.0 and 2.0/1.1 hosts and devices.
    Product Dimensions 7 x 5.75 x 2.5 inches
    Product Weight 1 lb 6 oz

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    I bought the Satechi 7 port usb 3.0 but my iPad is not charging. What is happening...

    I bought the Satechi 7 port usb 3.0 but my iPad is not charging. What is happening ?

    • A.

      The 7-port hub is not capable of providing a charge to an iPad. However, it will sync the iPad. 

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    Does the hub work without the power adapter?

    Does the hub work without the power adapter?

    • A.

      If the power adapter is not connected, the 7-port hub will not work. 

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    What's the input voltage specification for this for the power supply?

    What's the input voltage specification for this for the power supply?

    • A.

      The 7-Port hub works with 100-240V and includes a power supply with a standard USA plug. 

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    Customer Reviews

    • Kotche
    • posted by: Kotche
    • posted on: 6/16/2014
    Nice build quality, 2 flaws I'm very pleased with the build quality of this hub, and it matches nicely the aluminum finish of the Mac range. It is far nicer and of a better quality than other 5+ USB port hubs I've used previously.

    There are two drawbacks, however, to it's design:
    1. It is not sufficiently weighted. After you plug in 4 or more USB cables, the unit becomes a little unstable and if your cables are tucked down behind the desk like mine are, the hub will no longer rest flush to the table surface. If the unit were heavier so that the USB cables you plug into it don't tip it over, it would be an almost perfect hub.

    2. The USB port running from the hub to your Mac is on the side of the unit, as is the USB power charger cable on the other side. While the hub aesthetically looks great, it's look really is spoilt by having a cable sticking out at either end. If future designs could have these cable ports in the rear of the device so that the cables are obscured from view it would be a marked improvement on an already good product.

    The above two flaws are only apparent if you keep the hub in plain view on your desk. If you hide your hub, it's not an issue, but then you may as well buy a cheaper hub if you're just going to bury it out of view and/or don't require the quick and easy access to it's USB ports.
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    • DogOnSnail
    • posted by: DogOnSnail
    • posted on: 5/25/2014
    Good product, watch up the plug. Great, but I forgot one thing; the plug, must pass in in Norway. No problem I changed it
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    • Tarun
    • posted by: Tarun
    • posted on: 5/8/2014
    Product Nice Product
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    • RoyTilburg
    • posted by: RoyTilburg
    • posted on: 5/3/2014
    Great product! Not much to say. Great Hub, great service from Satechi! You should introduce it on the european market. Cheers from The Netherlands..
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    • MisterBee
    • posted by: MisterBee
    • posted on: 2/4/2014
    Performs as advertised Received the 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub yesterday. Pull my older, significantly cheaper hub (in both cost and performance). Replaced it and now my iPad, iPhone, iPod, LaCie external drive, 2 Iomega backup drives seem for all intents and purposes to be functioning in harmony.

    So far, so good.

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    • Katrina
    • posted by: Katrina
    • posted on: 1/27/2014
    It's beautiful, it works really well, easy to install, ships promptly well worth the money I love it. It does everything what it supposed to very well.
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    • George
    • posted by: George
    • posted on: 1/18/2014
    Excellent product As expected. Very good quality
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    • J-to-the-M
    • posted by: J-to-the-M
    • posted on: 1/15/2014
    Great hub with some overlooked details The good: The hub has a nice design. It looks great with my iMac and has solid aluminum construction. It charges my iPad and is USB 3.0 compatible.

    The bad: The power and computer USB connections are oddly place on the ends of the hub. It gives the otherwise nice design a Frankenstein-esque appearance. The blue led power indicator is ridiculously bright. It's like a laser is constantly pointed at your eyes.
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    • James Chang
    • posted by: James Chang
    • posted on: 1/5/2014
    good product good product, beautiful material. But the price is so high.
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    • idalbo
    • posted by: idalbo
    • posted on: 1/2/2014
    Bon produit RAS livraison rapide .
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    • Sacha81
    • posted by: Sacha81
    • posted on: 11/26/2013
    Very Happy I ordered this USB 3.0 Hub from Satechi USA, even I'm living in Switzerland. Here in our Stores we don't have a USB 3.0 Hub with such a great design. The perfomance of the SSD attached to the USB-Hub is exact the same as directly connected,
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    • fuzzymac
    • posted by: fuzzymac
    • posted on: 11/4/2013
    Great product This is a great looking and useful product. Love it,
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    • MrMont06
    • posted by: MrMont06
    • posted on: 11/1/2013
    Great Product The Satechi 7 Port USB 3.0 looks great with my iMac and provides the USB expansion I need.
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    • JRF
    • posted by: JRF
    • posted on: 11/1/2013
    GOOD A great piece of design and a very quick delivery over seas.
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    • CaroleB
    • posted by: CaroleB
    • posted on: 10/27/2013
    Excellent Piece of Equipment This dock is very attractive and looks like it was made to sit by my iMac. The fact that there are seven usb 3.0 ports is very useful. The only thing was that the power cord did not suit Australia and had to buy another one. I would of thought they would have provided for that.
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    • Mike Of NYC
    • posted by: Mike Of NYC
    • posted on: 10/14/2013
    Outstanding Recommended it my students & friends
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    • apachegator
    • posted by: apachegator
    • posted on: 10/9/2013
    FINALLY!!!! Just what I have been searching for
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    • dp
    • posted by: dp
    • posted on: 10/9/2013
    Perfectly suits my iMac Luckily I found this beautiful hub from Satechi. I ordered it for shipment to Austria and received it after just one week. The finish is very nice and quality-wise no complaints so far.

    The status LED could be less bright ... but this is not really a con.
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    • Kale
    • posted by: Kale
    • posted on: 9/14/2013
    USB Hub I needed a good quality usb hub for mew new imac. I have tried a few but none sat on the desk like this one. This one is perfect for this setup.
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    • ibopwebop
    • posted by: ibopwebop
    • posted on: 9/3/2013
    It fits very nicely very good product, looks very nice with a iMac.
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    • mp1963
    • posted by: mp1963
    • posted on: 8/23/2013
    Great USB Hub Excellent product. Built like a tank but so elegant in appearance. Usability is great with all ports facing forward.

    Only point to note: If you order this product from the UK be aware it does NOT come with a UK power cord. That being said the power supply uses a standard 2 pin connector cable which is readily available in the UK.
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    • Cruise
    • posted by: Cruise
    • posted on: 8/16/2013
    Works and looks amazing, but wants to flip over Beautifully matched aluminum, compliments my iMac like no other hub. It works really good and I hope to get many years of use. I would love to give this hub 5 stars, but I can't. When in use with the cables plugged in, it wants to flip backwards. Other than that... it rocks!
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    • Chet-NYC
    • posted by: Chet-NYC
    • posted on: 8/14/2013
    Almost perfect This works quite well, but could be better.

    1) Move the power connector to the back.
    2) Add in (even if it mean losing one USB port) an SD card slot. I can't stand that Apple moved it to the back of the iMac- incredibly inconvenient.
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    • Mike M.
    • posted by: Mike M.
    • posted on: 8/13/2013
    Good product, missing a key feature I have a new Mac-mini and purchased this because the 4 included USB ports are soon used up. I was disappointed find that despite requiring an external power supply this device cannot support an Apple Super Drive. I too got the message saying that an attached device required more power.
    Other than that however it lives up to billing as a sleek accessory that looks like it belongs next to the Mac.
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    • thpet
    • posted by: thpet
    • posted on: 8/12/2013
    good product for Mac see pros and cons...
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    • Archimed
    • posted by: Archimed
    • posted on: 8/7/2013
    Ok!!!! Super!
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    • Vedran
    • posted by: Vedran
    • posted on: 8/6/2013
    Great product Awesome product, arrived quick. My only hindsight is I am from Australia and its an America plug.
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    • Peanut
    • posted by: Peanut
    • posted on: 8/2/2013
    Fast data transfer but not as cool as the photos on website. This is a great product. The file transfer speeds are impressive. Also charges my iPhone and other devices.

    Does not look quite as cool as the images on the website make out.
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    • RayC
    • posted by: RayC
    • posted on: 8/1/2013
    Really nice BUT with premium price something is missing So far it appears to do about everything it was claimed it would do with USB 3.0 devices BUT even at this premium price it will not support the Apple USB Super Drive. Get the message that ( even with the power supply ) there is not enough for drive unit to function on my iMac.
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    • Gibear2k5
    • posted by: Gibear2k5
    • posted on: 7/31/2013
    Great like it was suppose to! Great product...looks like it belongs with my imac and its peripherals.
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    • translat
    • posted by: translat
    • posted on: 7/30/2013
    Excellent. Minus point: a US power cable. It was exactly as described. Please try to pack it with a locally adapted power cable or adapter.
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    • Tsar
    • posted by: Tsar
    • posted on: 7/30/2013
    Almost a perfect ten! As stated by previous reviewer - StevenP

    "I like the design in general but would have preferred to have the power and uplink usb connector on the back instead of the sides. At least the provided power supply could have had a connector with a 90 degree turn so it didn't stick out so far."

    One additional comment regarding the connectors - Make them the same colour.
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    • PAUL
    • posted by: PAUL
    • posted on: 6/13/2013
    Works Flawlessly with an iMac I have had a couple of USB hubs previously (Belkin) which I had bought whilst in the US, but none would sync with the iPhone connected through the Hub.
    This Hub which is USB 3.0 & matches the appearance of the iMac & keyboard works just Great, it syncs my iPhone now & also charges it.
    My main reason for purchasing this Hub was that I had to spin my iMac around ever time I would want a USB connection, & as you know you can run out of USB ports on a MAc very quickly.
    All in all a great Product well finished , but a little bit expensive.
    I am pleased with it & would recommend the Hub.
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    • wtewrt
    • posted by: wtewrt
    • posted on: 6/11/2013
    wertewt ewrtwert
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    • eljefe66
    • posted by: eljefe66
    • posted on: 6/11/2013
    Great product at a high price. Great looking, stylish and abundant spaces for USB 3.0.
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    • Mike
    • posted by: Mike
    • posted on: 6/10/2013
    iMac ready The location of the USB ports on the new iMac are nearly impossible to easily use. This Satechi 7 Port hub fixes all that.
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    • Whisky
    • posted by: Whisky
    • posted on: 6/7/2013
    I like the hub OK
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    • SteveP
    • posted by: SteveP
    • posted on: 6/6/2013
    Nice but... I like the design in general but would have preferred to have the power and uplink usb connector on the back instead of the sides. At least the provided power supply could have had a connector with a 90 degree turn so it didn't stick out so far.
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    • Apple Fan
    • posted by: Apple Fan
    • posted on: 6/5/2013
    Great Product, but.... "Unfortunately, the 7-port hub will not provide a charge to an iPad as they
    require too much power. We do offer a 9 port USB hub with an additional port
    which will provide a charge to an iPad. The 10th port on this hub was
    specifically designed to provide a charge to an iPad and will not sync the
    iPad. "
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    • Steve
    • posted by: Steve
    • posted on: 6/3/2013
    A great product at a fair price This USB 3.0 hub is not only attractive but works great and fits in nicely next to my Macbook Pro. I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it.
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    • Jimbo
    • posted by: Jimbo
    • posted on: 6/3/2013
    Excellent product Excellent product, matches my late 2012 iMac perfectly. The power supply comes with a separate power cable so it's dead easy to replace and use it in the uk. Delivery even from the US was very quick.

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    • C Schmidt
    • posted by: C Schmidt
    • posted on: 5/22/2013
    Not just for Mac Disclosure: I was contacted by Satechi and given a sample of this product specifically for the purpose of reviewing it.

    First up, I don't have a Mac, so if you want Mac specific info, you might want to read something else. That said, let's have a look. It's very light weight, and the certain does blend in with the typical Apple look. I liked that the ports are slightly up angled, rather than the typical straight out the sides. As it sits on my desk, that makes it both more pleasing on the eye, and easier for getting a hold on the cabled plugged into it. Using transfer speed measuring software and some external USB3.0 external hard drives, it was easy to see that this hub was moving a data along at a decent enough clip, even when fully loaded (transfers from all 7 ports at the same time). Based on testing, each port appears to be capable of 1A output. This is important, as it will make a difference in the charge rate of devices that you plug into it. In this case, devices will charge more slowly than with an AC adapter. Since one of the other reviewers indicated that they got a unit that was filthy, I took the opportunity to pop the bottom off the unit (four small screw under the rubber feet). Looking inside, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary for electronics manufacturing. Some flux residue from soldering, yes, but again, that's normal. Like Shorty (the other reviewer mentioned), I did find the power connector to be off center by an obvious amount. That's just not something that matches the "Premium" label and pricing. There was movement as well in the connector, but nothing worth getting upset about, just enough play that small wiggles won't result in damage. After two weeks worth of use, I haven't yet come into an issue with the unit's operation, which is the one thing that I care about most.
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    • Rich
    • posted by: Rich
    • posted on: 5/17/2013
    Apple Fans Rejoice! Something Not From Apple Works Out of the Box With a Mac! Considering the fact that my life with my Mac has been about finding alternative things that are compatible with my MBP w/Retina that don't cost an arm and a log, I was pleasantly surprised by this USB hub. I had previously purchased a USB 3.0 hub from another vendor and it didn't integrate so seamlessly with my MBP. The other one caused days of research on Google.

    Other than the high price (paid for quality in this case) and the huge power supply, there doesn't seem to be anything to complain about. In fact, since it's a 7-port USB hub, I had already decided it would be permanently installed on my desk. This renders the huge power supply a non-issue.

    This leaves me with nothing to complain about...Thanks, Satechi!
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    • d
    • posted by: d
    • posted on: 5/17/2013
    great usb hub works great
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