Satechi 12 Port USB Hub with Power Adapter & 2 Control Switches


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    Satechi 12 Port USB Hub with Power Adapter & 2 Control Switches


    Satechi UH-12P USB 2.0 Hub with Power adds twelve additional USB 2.0 ports to PC or Mac, allowing you to connect USB devices such as digital cameras, external hard drives, flash drives, and printers. The hub is uniquely designed so that the two switches can control first six or second six usb ports with the blue Led indicators. Providing data rates of up to 480Mbps, this 12-port hub is the ideal solution for transferring data between your computer and external USB storage devices. Equipped with a power supply, the Satechi UH-12P USB 2.0 hub guarantees the electric current stability and the effective operation of connected USB devices. It does not require any software or complicated installation process. With the slim, strip-shape design, it saves your precious desktop space. It's extremely portable and easy to move between systems or take on the road.

    Please Note:

    For a stable connection, the devices connected to the 12 Port hub must not exceed a combined current of 5 volt 2A. Each USB port on our 12 Port hub will only provide 5 volts 250 Milliamps. External hard-drives should be connected to an external power source.

    This hub functions as a USB hub only, to connect USB 2.0 and USB 1.0 devices to your computer, and is not a standalone device charger.

    This hub is not recommended for asic bitcoin miners.

    12 USB 2.0 ports - connect USB devices such as external hard drives, mp3 players, mice, digital cameras, printers, etc.
    Transfer or backup your mp3's, digital photos, and digital videos to your desktop or laptop with rates up to 480Mbps
    Compatible with Windows 98SE /ME /2000 /XP /Vista /7, Mac OS 9.1 or above, Linux 2.4 or above
    Plug-n-Play, Hot swappable, Hot pluggable, Chains up to 127 USB devices.
    Box includes 1 x USB hub, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x USB - USB extension 3' cable

    Additional Information

    Short Name Satechi 12 Port USB Hub
    SKU B0051PGX2I
    UPC 879961002213
    Warranty 1 Year
    Connectivity requires connection to a PC or Mac USB port
    Compatibility Windows 98SE /ME /2000 /XP /Vista /7 /8, Mac OS 9.1 or above, Linux 2.4 or above
    Product Dimensions 8 x 1.25 x 1 inches Cable Length 40.75
    Product Weight 1 lb 3 oz

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    What is the DC input of the AC adapter? I'd like to mount this in a vehicle 12V system...

    What is the DC input of the AC adapter? I'd like to mount this in a vehicle 12V system without having to use an inverter.

    • A.

       The power adapter’s input is 100-240V~ with an output of 5V 2000mA.

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    What USB 2.0 chipset is used? (FT, Genesis Logic, VIA, etc). Thank you.

    What USB 2.0 chipset is used? (FT, Genesis Logic, VIA, etc). Thank you.

    • A.

      The chipset for this device is the Terminus FE2.1_QFP48.

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    Hello, Please let me know if this 12 USB port hub can be used to SYNC 12 iPads with...

    Hello, Please let me know if this 12 USB port hub can be used to SYNC 12 iPads with a main computer? Thank you

    • A.

      The Satechi 12 port hub will sync multiple iPads but it won't charge them. Our 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub can charge iPad at a time.

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    Is this unit CE and FCC certified?

    Is this unit CE and FCC certified?

    • A.

      Yes, the 12 port hub is CE and FCC certified. 

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      yes |
    What is the output rating of the power supply? Can this hub actually supply the full...

    What is the output rating of the power supply? Can this hub actually supply the full 500 ma to every port at the same time?

    • A.

      The output rating of the power supply is 5Volts_ _ _2000mA and it should be dispersed evenly.

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    Can it be used to charge your devices with out hooking it up to a pc or Mac. Does...

    Can it be used to charge your devices with out hooking it up to a pc or Mac. Does it charge iPad.

    • A.

      It will charge some smaller devices without connection to a computer but most will require hooking it up to a pc or mac. Unfortunately it will not charge the iPad is it requires 500mA and for safety reasons each port on our hub has a 5Volt 250mA output.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Bob
    • posted by: Bob
    • posted on: 10/6/2014
    Great value and meets my needs and pocketbook This product and service are just what I needed and could afford. The price was great and I will consider reordering another unit if my connection needs expand.
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    • damnpancakes
    • posted by: damnpancakes
    • posted on: 9/19/2014
    Exactly What You Need This device is perfect for people who have a lot of devices, but just don't have the USB ports. Plus it has a great look, and is perfect for people who have a laptop at their desk, which usually does not have enough USB ports.
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    • Ronnie
    • posted by: Ronnie
    • posted on: 10/8/2013
    Really helpful This is the second one I've bought as the first one some months ago was so useful on my other computer. I don't know how many USB ports totally new computers come with, but my older computers needed these multi-port extensions for the various devices that I need connected. This is a great product. Saw it first in a newspaper review some time ago. Glad I got 'em.
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    • musicman
    • posted by: musicman
    • posted on: 8/19/2013
    Excellent product!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    • Ponte Vedra Beach
    • posted by: Ponte Vedra Beach
    • posted on: 8/8/2013
    The Best! The 12 Port USB Hub, and in fact every product I have bought at Satechi is awesome. I don't just recommend to family and friends, I buy the products for them and they are always impressed with Satechi too. I enjoy looking forward to the next new product offered by Satechi.
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    • momeagle36
    • posted by: momeagle36
    • posted on: 5/8/2013
    12 port USB t hub this is going to save my vacation with my grandchildren who want to take there mp3 players with them on vacation, they will be happy on the plane ridde & i will be happy becasue they are quite and I will be able to charge them after there use. Every traveler needs one of these whos taking electorincs with them.
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    • Ingrid SEF Hayes
    • posted by: Ingrid SEF Hayes
    • posted on: 5/7/2013
    Is exactly what I need for my home cpu So glad I came upon this.. Its been a lifesaver to me.
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    • Soccernut
    • posted by: Soccernut
    • posted on: 5/3/2013
    Great Quality for the Price I love the ability to switch off one of the six usb ports and have the other six turned on. It definitely saves on my external hard drive wear and tear. The lights are great because I can see which bank is on and which is off. And because it works, it is a Great product.
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    • Hutch
    • posted by: Hutch
    • posted on: 5/1/2013
    I am back for more! I came back to buy more of these 12 port USB hubs. No problems at all, and I really like the way they look too. Keep up your highest level of quality, and I'll keep coming back. Thank You, Satechi!!!!
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    • mpsound
    • posted by: mpsound
    • posted on: 4/29/2013
    Good product, No problems out of the box, plenty of input for my project
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    • lojar
    • posted by: lojar
    • posted on: 4/25/2013
    Excellent Great way to keep those USB connections organized and in an easy place to access. Works well technically.
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    • Kenli
    • posted by: Kenli
    • posted on: 3/22/2013
    Fantastic Hub Fantastic Hub! Handles everything from a giclee printer, to a bank of hard drives, to an iPhone. Seems to provide full power to all devices even when all ports are used. Able to use devices recommended to be used only plugged directly into computer. Plug and play without problems. convenient to be able to turn off half the ports, for instance when not using a bank of hard drives. I've even been able to daisy chain more than one with no problem, though there is a small, but expected, decrease in data through put from hard drive chained like this.
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    • tjmac
    • posted by: tjmac
    • posted on: 3/6/2013
    good stuff- finally a one stop usb hub It's great cause you don't need a bunch of hubs- having this one should vcoer all my bases
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    • Hutch
    • posted by: Hutch
    • posted on: 1/28/2013
    The Best USB Hub... Satechi has the Best USB Hub. I have a couple of these. The USB Hub is right at home with my laptops and plugged in without a hitch. The Hub is small and smart looking. If you need a 12 port hub, you will love this one.
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    • WH
    • posted by: WH
    • posted on: 1/26/2013
    Great Product Love it! Nice not having to swapout one plug for another. Looks and works great!
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    • Chewelah3
    • posted by: Chewelah3
    • posted on: 1/17/2013
    Satech1 12 Port USB Hub A great USB 12 port that can be control by two switches so only 6 ports are active or all 12 ports. They have lighting around the ports so it easy to see in low light.
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    • Hudson
    • posted by: Hudson
    • posted on: 1/14/2013
    Exactly what i needed In addition to a brilliantly attractive design, this hub has the power to handle all the external paraphernalia I use with my IMac (color laser printer, photo inkjet printer, scanner, 2 hard drives, a lightscribe disc burner, wacom tablet, and more. I love it!
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    • TX William
    • posted by: TX William
    • posted on: 1/7/2013
    Perfect powered USB Hub! Great powered USB hub. Good quality and accommodates multiple USB devices. Do not have to eject one device to swap out for another device. Plenty of ports for all your external USB devices. Would highly recommend, especially to those who are highly mobile and use a lot of external devices!
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    • LnrB
    • posted by: LnrB
    • posted on: 12/13/2012
    Just The Thing! I bought one of these before for myself, this one is for my dad. Inlike other USB hubs that resemble octopus on steroids with cables sticking out every which way, this one allows all the cables to be drapped over the back of the desk in a very neat manner. If I need another USB hub, I'll probably buy another one of these.
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    • wrobert
    • posted by: wrobert
    • posted on: 11/30/2012
    • merrygoround
    • posted by: merrygoround
    • posted on: 10/31/2012
    MACBOOK PRO USE Decided to try this after reading review by MacWorld. Works great. Has two switches so you can turn off and on the group of two 6 USB ports. The only con is this caused me to have issues with my EHD. When my EHD is plugged into my MacBook and goes to sleep, no problem. When it is plugged into this and I close the lid, it shuts down the EHD and I got error messages. After doing that several times, my EHD no longer worked. So if you keep an EHD plugged in, eject it before closing the lid.
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    • satisfied user
    • posted by: satisfied user
    • posted on: 10/23/2012
    good product, reasonable cost. The USB hub works as it should. Delivery was prompt, and the price was reasonable.
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    • Victor
    • posted by: Victor
    • posted on: 10/10/2012
    Your wife or partner will thank you because your desk will look much neater. It works, it makes things more organized and it's kinda pretty with the lights out.
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    • Tom
    • posted by: Tom
    • posted on: 9/24/2012
    Almost perfect for Imac Users! So most Imac users are going to need to plug in to USB:

    A keyboard
    A pointing device
    one or more Iphones/Ipods/Ipads
    and maybe a external drive.

    I have
    3 external drives
    CF Card Reader
    Intuos tablet
    Video conversion accelerator
    VCR Conversion cable

    So as you can see, I am greatly in love with this hub. PLUS, it can provide charging power to I-devices on any port. Not too shabby.

    If it had a 6" cable on it instead of a 3" it would be perfect.

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    • HSB
    • posted by: HSB
    • posted on: 9/18/2012
    Love it This is an excellent product. Good value.
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    • neil
    • posted by: neil
    • posted on: 9/17/2012
    useful i love it good quality and useful.
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    • Peter Derks
    • posted by: Peter Derks
    • posted on: 9/17/2012
    Shipping from us to holland in three days I realy wanted this 12 port usb hub. I love the blue leds and the quality is very convincing. It comes with a convienend 2 sides glue strip from 3m.
    Only negative aspect is that Satechie shipped it out to europe with an US power connector and no Europe one. But i solved it with a 2 euro adaptor. There is no need for a transformator since it is capable of taking the european 230 voltage.
    I am happy. The fact that you can shutdown the power when not in use is also a pro for buying. Forgive me my bad english since i am a flying dutchman. satechi good job!
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    • AndyS
    • posted by: AndyS
    • posted on: 9/14/2012
    Almost perfect The hub works perfectly. I especially appreciate the minimalist form factor and thoughtful design. I'm using the adhesive strip to place the hub on the front of my iMac. This is very, very useful. The only negative is that the power cable doesn't fully seat into the hub. There is about 1/4 inch of the metal part of the connector that is visible. This makes the cable connection wobble a bit. It just isn't a tight and secure fit.
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    • Ike
    • posted by: Ike
    • posted on: 9/11/2012
    Good product. I highly recommend it. I have many devices on the USB ports. Since my MacMini only has four ports, I had to use two 6-port hubs. This plus their power supplies took up a lot of room on my shelf. This "all-in-one" takes up less space. I wish they had used a male socket on the end of the hub body, so that I could use a standard USB cable to connect to the computer.
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    • bamadoc
    • posted by: bamadoc
    • posted on: 9/3/2012
    Best USB hub I've found yet. This USB hub is great. 10 ports that are powered. This replaced 2 Belkin hubs that were daisy chained and never seemed to work right all the time. I attached it to the back of my iMac with the enclosed two sided tape and will never be in need of a USB port.
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    • Walaaudude
    • posted by: Walaaudude
    • posted on: 8/30/2012
    will not charge iPads Hoped to use it at our school, but it won't charge iPads

    god otherwise, it just doesn't do what we bought it it do.
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    • BruceB
    • posted by: BruceB
    • posted on: 8/16/2012
    Great product. I use my 12 Port Hub for connecting 4 external hard drives to my desktop computer. I am a digital photographer storing all of my images on external drives, not the internal drive in my computer. I no longer need to use 4 USB ports on the back of my computer, just one. The switch feature allows me to turn off the drives that I do not want on, or leave them all off, or leave them all on.
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    • Darren
    • posted by: Darren
    • posted on: 7/2/2012
    Excellent choice Excellent choice of people with larger then average digital needs.
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    • Mike
    • posted by: Mike
    • posted on: 6/25/2012
    Too short of usb cable The usb cable is sooooo short. I wish it was at least long enough to plug into my iMac without having to use the usb extension cord. Adding 3" or a little more would be so much better. For the lack of 2", I have to use the long usb extension cord. I also don't like that the power cord does not go all the way in to the unit base. It's like plugging a device half way into the wall receptacle. Not a safe situation.
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    • lefty
    • posted by: lefty
    • posted on: 6/25/2012
    great product great product! love it that it has 12 ports and that there are 2 control switches
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    • Ron
    • posted by: Ron
    • posted on: 6/5/2012
    As advertised A good powered 10 port USB hub. However, I would have liked a longer USB extension cable.
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    • Mickey
    • posted by: Mickey
    • posted on: 6/5/2012
    Greeeeeaaaaat!! Great! Love only needing one hub to put all the accessories in
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    • bookwright
    • posted by: bookwright
    • posted on: 5/30/2012
    Much more convenient than my previous USB Hubs I ordered several items from Satechi, of which this is one. Very happy with it. Makes organizing my many USB connections *much* easier than when I had to use a combination of hubs and ports on the computer. So far, I haven't had any trouble with the USB connections having sufficient power which is a complaint I've heard about hubs with large numbers of ports.
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    • Jim
    • posted by: Jim
    • posted on: 5/29/2012
    Unit is ok, lights are bad. I like the unit EXCEPT for:

    1. I sleep across from the computer and accessories, and the bright blue lights were a distraction. Nightly, I have to unplug the USB cable from the computer to get the lights to go out.

    It would be better to do away with all the lights and replace them with one small, unobtrusive, red light.
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    • wlschmitt
    • posted by: wlschmitt
    • posted on: 5/29/2012
    Best Accessory I have bought in a long time You cannot have too many USP connections with all the new devices we connect to our PC's. This device adds 11 USB slots to the one it uses. Finally, I actually have spares to let all my devices be ready to hook up. And, it is quite compact for all that capability.
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    • Buddha
    • posted by: Buddha
    • posted on: 5/24/2012
    Cannot charge iPhone or iPad I like all the USB ports, but I cannot charge my iPad or iPhone using theHub.
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    • Howard
    • posted by: Howard
    • posted on: 5/22/2012
    Works right out of the box I had no problems, although it could use an instruction sheet.
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    • Ucncllmeal
    • posted by: Ucncllmeal
    • posted on: 5/21/2012
    Good, plentiful, one small flaw Only glitch I found is that if you have things plugged into the first set of ports, then turn on the second set, the things in the first set lose connection for a second.
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    • LCK
    • posted by: LCK
    • posted on: 5/21/2012
    Nice compact USB port I purchased the 12 port USB port to bring some order to the cable mess around my computer. I like the double sided tape as I used it to mount the hub on a vertical post on my computer table. I would give it a 5 start if I knew that it would keep functional. I have had several multi port hubs and they stop working after a while or become flaky in making a connection. If this one lasts, it would be perfect.
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    • RAY-RAY
    • posted by: RAY-RAY
    • posted on: 5/17/2012
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    • Terry
    • posted by: Terry
    • posted on: 5/15/2012
    I like it. It works great. Small, doesn't take much room and my plug ins work...
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    • Spike
    • posted by: Spike
    • posted on: 5/10/2012
    About time someone made a large capacity USB hub. I have had two hubs plus all the USB connections to my computer used up for a long time. WHen I had something new to connect, I would either have to buy a new hub and figure out where to put it, or unplug something. Now I have a compact, attractive single, large capacity USB hub that works perfectly.
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    • MikeF
    • posted by: MikeF
    • posted on: 3/16/2012
    Questions? This looks great but more information would also help many of us to start ordering these. 2 Power Switches, are these for each group of USB connections?
    Also what is the amps and does it support to power connectors if it is 1 amp is that per group of ports (maybe with a 2nd power supply)? Many devices need power provided from USB to run and this would be a great bit of information.
    5 stars as it looks great but need more information.
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    • P.K. Jones
    • posted by: P.K. Jones
    • posted on: 2/26/2012
    Nice product ... I love this USB hub !

    The only thing i might change on it , is it does need another switch to turn lights off at night time , as it lights up the whole room . Even when using just 1 bank of ports , but it's a small sacrifice for a great product .

    Nothing is 'perfect' , but this one is close to it !
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