Satechi BT Swift Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Microphone for MP3 Players, iPhone, Android Phones, and iPad


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    Satechi BT Swift Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Microphone for MP3 Players, iPhone, Android Phones, and iPad


    The Satechi BT Swift Bluetooth Speaker wirelessly amplifies music from your smartphone, so you can enjoy commercial-free personalized playlists comfortably from up to 33 feet away! Answer calls right from the speaker through the integrated microphone that automatically resumes music play when the call ends. No longer rely on the radio or remain tethered, be static-,commercial-, and wire-free with the Satechi BT Swift Speaker!

    Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming
    Play music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your smartphone, music player, tablet, laptop, computer or other Bluetooth-enabled device. The BT Swift Speaker can wirelessly stream music from up to 33 feet away, perfect for listening to music or videos without having to get up to change tracks!

    Integrated Microphone
    Never miss a call with the integrated microphone that automatically switches from music to phone mode whenever a call comes in. Music play resumes when the call is ended so you never miss a beat!

    Compact and Portable
    Although it features a compact design, the BT Swift Speaker doesn’t compromise on sound. The portable speaker is built with Satechi's signature echo elimination & noise suppression technology to ensure the best audio quality without compromising on acoustic integrity.

    Rechargeable Battery
    The rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts for up to 4 hours of talk time, 3 hours of playback, and 300 hours in stand-by. Enjoy high quality audio anytime, anywhere!

    Compatible With:
    Apple iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4/3GS/3G/iPod touch G4/iPad/iPad Mini/Air/MacBook/MacBook Pro
    Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2/Note
    Motorola Atrix/Droid X/Droid 2/Droid/Milestone
    And any device a 3.5mm audio jack input

    Portable Bluetooth wireless speaker streams music and has a microphone for hands-free calls

    Bluetooth Ver. 2.1: AVRCP, A2DP, automatic connection, only one time pairing

    Easy charging with integrated Li-Ion-battery (USB chargeable) for up to 3 hours of wireless playtime

    Works with any device with Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio jack input

    Multi-function button can activate voice dialing or Siri on iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, 5, so you don't need to reach your phone to make or answer calls

    Bluetooth 3.0 speaker pairs easily with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or any devices that supports Bluetooth wireless audio profile (A2DP) within 33 feet range

    Stylish, light weight & compact, and built with rich audio depth usually found in much larger speakers

    Additional Information

    Short Name Satechi Swift BT Speaker
    SKU B008FSEA0K
    UPC 879961002787
    Warranty 1 Year
    Connectivity Bluetooth Ver. 2.1: AVRCP, A2DP, automatic connection, only one time pairing
    Compatibility Apple iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4/3GS/3G/iPod touch G4/iPad/iPad Mini/Air/Macbook/Macbook Pro/Motorola Atrix/Droid X/Droid 2/Droid/Milestone/Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2/Note
    Product Dimensions 3.0 x 3.0 x 2.2 inches
    Product Weight 11 oz

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    What is the max watts the speakers put out?

    What is the max watts the speakers put out?

    • A.

      The Swift Speaker has a 2W Speaker Output Level with 80dB @0.5m.

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    How do you pair it? (I've lost the manual and don't remember)

    How do you pair it? (I've lost the manual and don't remember)

    Just bought B008BC1U4O direct from Satechi. Have successfully upgraded Broadcom drivers...

    Just bought B008BC1U4O direct from Satechi. Have successfully upgraded Broadcom drivers on Window 8 system. Is it A2DP compatible, and will this and the other pair of Satechi twin speakers connect and work with the adapter in this setup?

    • A.

      Yes, the 4.0 Bluetooth adapter should support A2DP and will allow you to pair the Swift speaker to your computer. Unfortunately, the SX2 Portable Twin Speakers do not support Bluetooth.

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    Customer Reviews

    • ML
    • posted by: ML
    • posted on: 6/7/2014
    Excellent Great sound, small size and easy to use! Great price too!
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    • dude
    • posted by: dude
    • posted on: 4/3/2013
    2013 Great value does what is says sounds good
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    • Tony
    • posted by: Tony
    • posted on: 1/25/2013
    Great sound from such a small speaker! I upgraded from a similar (non-BT) Altec speaker and was quite impressed with the sound quality this speaker puts out while streaming music from my iPhone. Add to it the Satechi BT remote and you're set!
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    • JRod
    • posted by: JRod
    • posted on: 12/26/2012
    Excellent sound, excellent value Highly recommend!
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    • Or
    • posted by: Or
    • posted on: 11/9/2012
    A Really Good Buy For the most part it has pretty good sound considering the price range and products offered at this price range. I also like the fact that it is relatively light and small, you could easily take it with you anywhere. The range for the Bluetooth easily covers an average sized room. Overall I would recommend buying it - hands down.
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    • Hugo
    • posted by: Hugo
    • posted on: 10/31/2012
    Good product, good sale Received the product today. It has a great sound for the value. Bluetooth is a little bit dated, not being able to connect two devices at the same time, but the unit is working flawlessly until now.
    I tested the phone sound using a skype call, and I'm pleased with the results as long as I stay within 30 cm of the product mic.
    Bass level for the unit greatly depends on the surface used to support it. You can try different pieces of furnitures to get the best sounding ones.
    Sale process was nearly flawless. I just couldn't use a 10% discount coupon. It was removed once I selected my country. A 5% coupon worked. Otherwise, package was efficiently packed and delivered, and communication mails are sufficents.
    Overall a great buy.
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    • Mike
    • posted by: Mike
    • posted on: 10/24/2012
    Love it Got the Swift as what I thought would be a temporary alternantive to my broken Jawbone Jambox. It is now my primary sound machine. Love the portablility. Love the sound. The ease of everything. Uncomplicated. Didn't even read the directions. Already convinced 3 other people to buy it. Wish I had the franchise.Only had it a week and it sounds as good as my $200 Jambox. Arrived in two days after ordering it. I know there are bigger sounding and louder units but for all things considered it is really good and plan on getting them as Xmas presents. Thank you Satechi!
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    • RBEAN
    • posted by: RBEAN
    • posted on: 10/5/2012
    Great Low Cost speaker This is a great little speaker easily rivals speakers costing 2 and 3 times as much. I would recommend this speaker to everyone I know. Just love it so far.
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    • Bizmax
    • posted by: Bizmax
    • posted on: 9/26/2012
    Trade Show with IPad This is a good low cost alternative to buying more expensive external BT speakers. I use it at my booth during trade shows when I show videos off my iPad.
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    • Addelot
    • posted by: Addelot
    • posted on: 9/7/2012
    Good sh*t Great sound for 30 bucks.
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    • Nick
    • posted by: Nick
    • posted on: 9/6/2012
    Best bang for your buck! I couldn't be happier with the Swift, it's a big improvement over my device's speakerphone and the sound quality at anything but max volume is way above anything I'd seen in speakers of that size and price range. It resonates nicely even at lower volumes.

    It looks great, it's small enough to go anywhere and it's extremely straightforward to use.
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    • Avvocot
    • posted by: Avvocot
    • posted on: 9/1/2012
    Delight in small packages! First of all - it's really small! Maybe the size of a fist. It has a red "eye" beneath the top design that even when off gives a warm red metallic look that invites curiosity. It pairs easily and with everything. In fact the first time I used it I had a bay window behind me and it paired with my GPS in the car 60' away at the same time it paired with my tablet. The sound is fine for what it is. For those over 65 who can't or don't want to use earphones, this is clearly the way to go.
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    • Jose
    • posted by: Jose
    • posted on: 8/20/2012
    My future birthday gifts for everyone I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan and just got this in the mail today. I can hardly believe they're only charging $29.99 for this little wonder speaker. The sound is excellent and the price can't be beat. I've already posted a link to it on my FB page, responded to questions, and plan on gifting this to friends and family in the future.
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    • Taysh
    • posted by: Taysh
    • posted on: 8/17/2012
    Fantastic speaker at an unbeatable price. After reading a review on this item on cultofmac, I decided to get one for myself. For the price I really was not expecting much. Contrary to the review, the overall look and feel of the speaker is fantastic and in my opinion not cheap at all. The sound of the speaker really blew me away. While not the best on the market, the overall sound was clear and crisp as long as you did not crank the volume up all the way.
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