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Satechi Launches New Multi-Port USB Charging Station

Posted 06/16/2016  |   Comments(0)
Satechi’s New Multi-Port USB Charging Station Simultaneously Charges a Combination of Up to Six Type-C or Type-A USB-Powered Devices.
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Satechi USB Type-C Hub

Posted 10/28/2015  |   Comments(0)
Satechi's new USB Type-C Hub gives your Macbook every port that it's been missing.
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Revamp Your Workspace- Satechi USB LED Light Strip

Posted 09/30/2015  |   Comments(0)
Satechi is giving you a new way to light up your work or office space with our new USB LED Light Strip. 
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USB Made Simple

Posted 07/22/2015  |   Comments(0)
If you’ve been keeping up with the latest in technology news, you may have heard many different things about upcoming USB technology. However, many of us still are unaware of the differences bet(...)
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