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Satechi Wins Red Dot Award

Posted 03/30/2016  |   Comments(0)
Satechi Aluminum Wireless Presenter Wins Red Dot Award for Product Design
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Satechi Launches Two New Aluminum Charging Stands

Posted 03/24/2016  |   Comments(0)
Satechi Launches Two New Aluminum Charging Stands for Apple Watch® & Lightning Devices, including the new iPhone® SE
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Satechi in the News

Posted 03/11/2016  |   Comments(0)
Check out some of the wonderful press we’ve received in the last couple of weeks for a few of our most popular Satechi products.
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Have the Best Spring Break Ever With These Tips

Posted 03/04/2016  |   Comments(0)
Get the most out of your spring break with these tips from Satechi. 
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5 Ways to Enhance Your Presentations

Posted 02/26/2016  |   Comments(0)
As a company that enables you to live a #LifeMadeEasy, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to enhance your presentations.
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4 Benefits of Working Out of the Office

Posted 02/19/2016  |   Comments(0)
As a company that thrives to enable our customers to live a #LifeMadeEasy, we’ve compiled a list of 4 benefits of working out of the office.
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5 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Wireless Headphones

Posted 02/05/2016  |   Comments(0)
We want to give you 5 reasons why Bluetooth headphones are the way to go to enable you to live a #LifeMadeEasy.
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Easily Control and Enhance Presentations with Satechi’s New Aluminum Wireless Presenter

Posted 02/04/2016  |   Comments(0)
The lightweight, portable Aluminum Wireless Presenter is the perfect solution for controlling presentations across a variety of programs, including Keynote and PowerPoint, on a Bluetooth-enabled iOS o(...)
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Satechi Introduces the Aluminum Monitor Stand

Posted 01/28/2016  |   Comments(0)
Satechi Expands its Metallic Line of Sleek Workspace Solutions with the New Aluminum Monitor Stand.
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3 Tips to Improve Your Workspace

Posted 01/21/2016  |   Comments(0)
Improving your workspace doesn’t have to be time-consuming and with these 3 easy tips, you can create a space that feels like your own.
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